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Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane Guests on the Optimal Instinct Podcast

On September 1, Janek Performance Group Managing Partner Nick Kane guested on the Optimal Instinct podcast with noted author and organizational efficiency warrior Trish Tagle. In a short but insightful conversation, Nick and Trish discuss how solving problems still tops your customer’s list of expectations, but as buyers have become more educated and the industry […]

Unleashed Podcast Episode 303: Nick Kane Discusses Sales Training Best Practices

Recently, Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane sat down with Umbrex Co-Founder Will Bachman for the Umbrex podcast Unleashed: How to Thrive as an Independent Professional. Umbrex is a global community that connects independent management consultants to create opportunity, build relationships, share lessons learned, and collaborate. In a thought-provoking conversation, Nick discusses Janek’s distinctive methodology and […]

Two Sales Enablement Webinars Featuring Janek Managing Partners

The Sales Experts Channel provides the sales community with educational and inspirational presentations from global experts and visionaries. Recently, this series featured separate live webinars by the Managing Partners of Janek Performance Group. On Tuesday, July, 7, Nick Kane presented “How Best-in-Class Sales Teams Build a Powerful Pipeline and Exceed Quota,” and on Wednesday, July […]

How to Reverse the B2B Summer Sales Slump

You can tell it’s summer in sales by the uptick in unanswered calls and out-of-office emails. For a lot of business folk, the kids are out of school and vacations are taking precedence. That’s right, it’s the usual seasonal slump, so why should you be sweating trying to turn leads into prospects and convert prospects […]

Infographic: How to Write an Effective Sales Prospecting Email

Every day we get bombarded with hundreds of personal and business emails trying to vie for our attention. It’s become a time consuming part of our lives. We feel the urge to make ourselves available 24/7, constantly getting some type of notification or email on our smartphones and tablets, while contributing our own fair share […]

Infographic: Characteristics Of Top-Performing & Underperforming Salespeople

Whether it’s selling the latest TV at the local electronics store, a state of the art water filtration system to homeowners in your area, or pitching IT services to up and coming small business owners, making the sale depends on your appearance, knowledge and motivation to put you above the rest. Here are the characteristics […]