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The Top 5 Features of Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings

In an increasingly complex world, only those sales organizations with the ability to adapt will survive. These days—whether its time constraints or travel restrictions—it’s more difficult to gather your team members in one location for the trainings they need. Virtual instructor-led trainings provide all the benefits of in-person sales trainings but are streamlined to maximize […]

Sales Leadership in Times of Crisis

We’ve all seen the movies where the unimaginable happens and a hero rises to lead the way. In times like these, the best leaders know how to get out ahead of a crisis. Though recent events might be cause for concern, we should resist the urge to panic. Here are a few things sales managers […]

Practical Tips for Coaching Inside Sales Reps

There are considerable differences between inside sales reps and outside sales reps. That extends to coaching them, too. With increasing adoption of inside sales by organizations, we thought it was an excellent opportunity to discuss the best practices for coaching a team of inside sales reps. Take advantage of the ease of calls access. When […]

Want to do Targeted Prospecting? Do More Research

One of the most important skills for a sales rep to develop is researching. It’s a subject that doesn’t get talked much about in terms of sales reps, other than discovery (which, incidentally, is one of the most popular Google sales-related search terms). But it should be discussed more, and sales reps should make research […]

Why Your Onboarding Process Needs to Align with Your Sales Process

A little while we talked about how to structure a formal onboarding process. One of the first things we mentioned is that you need to design your formal sales process first before you can even begin thinking about onboarding. It raises the question of why and that’s what we’ll be discussing today. Your sales process […]

A Brief Overview of Sales Proposals

Sales proposals can be a valuable way to gain business. But they involve a lot of time and effort – resources that can go to waste if you’re not taking advantage of them. We provided some technical advice earlier this year (links found at the bottom), but wanted to take a step back and look […]

What to do About Sales’ Leadership Crisis

Far too many sales reps are still failing to make quota despite all the advances in sales enablement and technology. The precise numbers will vary according to the given study, but it’s still under half. And much of that is down to sales managers and leaders not being effective enough in guiding their organization. That […]

Why You Need to Sell on Value, Not Price

Imagine you’re a manufacturer whose sales approach has been to compete on price, and that’s worked well for you. Then, due to a change in economic conditions, a critical raw material you can’t substitute for has skyrocketed in price. Correspondingly, you have to raise your own prices and inform your customers of that change and […]

The Art and Science of Closing

Top-performing sales reps recognize that closing is both art and science. It requires carefully balancing moving the sales process forward without being pushy (or coming across that way). To successfully close requires being able to read the customer’s buying signs correctly, have identified the solution for the buyer’s specific needs, and addressed indicated concerns and […]

Remember, Remember: How Sales Professionals Can Improve Their Memory

For all the sales enablement tools and technology that exist, there’s simply no replacement for having an excellent memory. As with many things, you have to exercise your memory to make it stronger. As you probably already know, memory exists in two forms: short-term (STM) and long-term (LTM). Short-term memory lasts 15 to 30 seconds […]