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How to Create a Sales Coaching Culture

We all know that sales coaching is a major part of a manager’s job. But in order for it to be most effective, the organization should be steeped in a total sales coaching culture. That might seem a bit vague – what, after all, is that a coaching culture exactly, and how do sales teams […]

Reading the Room to Maximize Your Meetings

One of the most important soft skills to develop in business is the ability to accurately read the room. You can be the most intelligent, knowledgeable person in a meeting or presentation, but if you can’t assess the mood of your audience or decipher the environmental clues, you’re not going to perform as well as […]

A 5-Step Guide to Help Your Sales Reps Focus on What They Need Most

Training, coaching, and other forms of development are all critical components to advancing and strengthening the skills of your sales reps. However, organizations have finite resources – only so much in the budget, only so many hours in the day or week – to dedicate to this aspect of running a sales team. So how […]

4 Tips for Working with Hesitant and Indecisive Buyers

Every step of the sales process has gone smoothly – you’ve uncovered needs, presented the ideal solution, gotten agreement from the customer, and all seems good. The client even tells you they plan on buying. But then come the delays. Reason after reason for why they’re not taking the step of physically purchasing. Days turn […]

Why You Need Buyer Personas in Today’s Sales World

In today’s sales environment, you’re increasingly likely to deal with multiple people who partake in the decision-making process. This is especially true for complex B2B sales involving organizations of any significant size. Given those circumstances, you need to understand the motivations, needs, desires, and situations of everyone involved in the buying process. The most efficient […]

5 Strategies for Fantastic Sales Presentations

An effective sales presentation can often mean the difference between closing a deal and losing out to a competitor. That means it’s important to get it right and wow the influencers and decision makers. Here’s five key strategies when planning the perfect sales presentation. Know who your audience is. Find out beforehand who all is […]

5 Ways to Prepare Now for a Strong Finish to the Sales Year

In sales, trying to do everything last-minute rarely goes well. That means now, late in the third quarter, you need to be laying the groundwork for the closing months of the fiscal year. Here’s how. Revisit your sales forecasts and projections. When you began the year and even halfway through, you had a set of […]

What to do When Your Buyers Simply Don’t Answer

It’s one of the facts of sales life – buyers often don’t respond. They don’t pick up their phones, don’t respond emails or other various ways to get in touch. Two questions come to mind – 1) Why won’t they just answer? 2) What can you do about it? Realize that the volume of communication […]

How to Become a More Coachable Sales Rep

As a sales rep, you can read all the sales books and blogs, watch all the instructional videos, and become something of a minor theoretical knowledge expert. And while this is both valuable and helpful, what will likely make the biggest impact in your sales career is receiving expert sales coaching. Why? Because expert sales […]

Why Sales Professionals Need to Consider Their Affective Presence

One of the growing realizations in the field of psychology in the last few years is that people have what’s called an affective presence as part of their personality. Simply speaking, your affective presence is how you make other people feel just by being around you. It can either be positive or negative. An example […]