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5 Tips for Negotiating With a Procurement Team

A procurement team helps an organization achieve its goals by negotiating with suppliers to acquire goods and services. By definition, a procurement team can seem like the antithesis of a sales team or, in some cases, the archnemesis. Sooner or later, every sales professional will reach the proverbial handshake on a deal, only to have […]

Tips for Selling to Multiple Decision Makers

Often, when we think of sales, we picture one sales representative and one buyer. In that relatively simple process, the two build a rapport, understand needs, explore solutions, negotiate, and reach an agreement. The seller sells, the buyer buys, and everybody is happy. If only it was always that easy. Today, according to the Harvard […]

Why Selling on Value is More Important Than Ever

Back in January, I wrote about why you need to sell on value rather than price. I used the example of a manufacturer experiencing raw material price spikes during economic changes. Then, two months later, COVID-19 came barreling down like a freight train, smashing into the world economy and causing a crisis arguably the most […]

The Importance of Personal Development in Sales

In sales, we hear a lot about professional development, things sales representatives can do to improve in their career. These include being up on current events, reading business blogs, attending sales training or coaching workshops. While these are all necessary for development, a topic less discussed but equally important is personal development—the things you can […]

Things for Sales Professionals to Remember During the COVID-19 Crisis

We’ve written in recent weeks about practical, actionable advice about the mechanics and methods of shifting to a near-entirely virtual sales world as we now find ourselves in. But we thought it would be a good idea to note important items to keep in mind, even in this altered sales landscape. You still have your […]

Sales Lessons From the Economic Shutdown

The Coronavirus pandemic and economic shutdown will pass at some point, but it’s not too early to consider some of the sales lessons we can learn from the experience. The shift from face-to-face to virtual interaction has forced sales reps to rethink their approach to the sales process, and it’s possible that some of these […]

Instilling Confidence in Clients During Difficult Times

During difficult times, it can be easy for salespeople to lose confidence. With so much of the news devoted to dire forecasts for business and industry, it can seem like all we can do to keep ourselves together, let alone inspire confidence in our clients or customers. However, this is exactly what salespeople need to […]

Building a Virtual Personal Brand

Once reserved exclusively for celebrities, star athletes, and other famous people, these days it seems everyone has a brand. Now, more than ever, with so much of our lives taking place in a virtual environment, it is vital for salespeople to establish themselves as serious professionals with the knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide solutions […]

How to Connect With Clients When Presenting Virtually

For many sales professionals, the presentation is the culmination of the sales process. All the hard work you invested in prospecting and discovery has led to this moment. You finally get to present your potential client how your solution solves their unique problems in a differentiated way from the competition. While there’s a long tradition […]

5 Tips for Selling in a Virtual Environment

With all the changes in society, many salespeople must switch their focus from the face-to-face interaction that so often characterizes a sales transaction to selling their products and services in a virtual environment. For many reasons, this can be jarring. Much of a salesperson’s personal tool kit, the tried and true methods they employ when […]