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Sales Coaching in the New, Virtual World

In the new, virtual sales environment, the world of coaching has significantly changed. With so many dispersed sales teams working remotely, sales leaders have had to adapt their coaching methods to ensure their reps remain productive and at the top of their game. According to research by Gartner, in response to the challenge of maintaining […]

Overcoming Negative Impressions of Salespeople

While the modern sales force is filled with smart and ethical professionals, an unfortunate negative perception still exists about the occupation. In addition to countless representations of greedy, pushy salespeople popularized in movies, we have all encountered the stereotype of the “typical salesperson,” focused solely on the short-term gain of a single sale. Along with […]

Optimizing Sales Enablement for Remote Sellers

Over the last decade, one of the hottest topics in sales has been sales enablement, the process of providing sales professionals with the tools, technology, training, and content to increase productivity and empower them to win. According to Brainshark, companies with sales enablement have a 15 percent higher win rate that those without it. At […]

5 Tips for Dealing With Difficult Clients

At some point in their career, every sales professional will have to deal with a difficult client. While it is perfectly normal for a client to negotiate and demand the best from the companies/people they choose to partner with, some clients will take it much, much further. As good clients can be great friends, difficult […]

The Best Automated Sales Email Practices You Need to Follow

Today we’re going to discuss automated sales emails and the best practices for using that convenient, time-saving technology. It’s powerful if used correctly, but making mistakes with it can cost you and your sales organization revenues and opportunities. It’s important to note that much of this is related to marketing – that’s typically the department […]

The Risks and Opportunities When Selling to Startups

Startup companies have a unique place in American business lore. There’s something quintessentially American about a couple of kids in a garage or dorm room working on what might turn into the next tech unicorn. For sales professionals, these companies represent a unique market, and if you get in early, there’s the potential to grow […]

How to Help Your Sales Team Members Find Their Purpose

Purpose. It’s a weighty word – one that conjures up deep late-night conversations with your friends over cups of coffee in deserted diners. But we’re not Plato’s philosopher-kings, and so when we talk about purpose, we’re talking about it from the perspective of a sales professional. Knowing one’s purpose in that context is critical to […]

5 Tips for Negotiating With a Procurement Team

A procurement team helps an organization achieve its goals by negotiating with suppliers to acquire goods and services. By definition, a procurement team can seem like the antithesis of a sales team or, in some cases, the archnemesis. Sooner or later, every sales professional will reach the proverbial handshake on a deal, only to have […]

Tips for Selling to Multiple Decision Makers

Often, when we think of sales, we picture one sales representative and one buyer. In that relatively simple process, the two build a rapport, understand needs, explore solutions, negotiate, and reach an agreement. The seller sells, the buyer buys, and everybody is happy. If only it was always that easy. Today, according to the Harvard […]

Why Selling on Value is More Important Than Ever

Back in January, I wrote about why you need to sell on value rather than price. I used the example of a manufacturer experiencing raw material price spikes during economic changes. Then, two months later, COVID-19 came barreling down like a freight train, smashing into the world economy and causing a crisis arguably the most […]