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How to Manage the Star Sales Rep Who’s Toxic For the Rest of the Team

Ideally, your top performers will be the tides that not only lift the business through their outsized revenue gains, but likewise have an elevating effect on your other sales reps. Or to use a sports analogy, you’d love your top performers to be like the elite players who make their teammates better. But that’s not […]

6 Actionable Ideas to Improve Online Meetings and Presentations

Today, online presentations are a necessity of the new normal. As more sales teams meet online, whether collaborating with dispersed team members or engaging clients virtually instead of face-to-face, many organizations have to adjust to a different experience. Fortunately, advances in technology have made it easier to conduct online meetings, and there are now countless […]

6 Tips for Selling in Today’s Health Care Industry

In 2018, Americans spent 3.65 trillion dollars on health care. With more than 6,000 hospitals and almost one million doctors in private practice, the health care industry employs more than 18 million people, making it one of the largest employers in the United States. While each industry presents unique challenges for sellers, the vast number […]

Common COVID-19 Sales Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Continuing our series on COVID-19’s effects on sales, we’d like to examine a few common challenges we’ve seen emerging in our latest research into the state of sales. We’ve encountered three primary problems that consistently come up in our research and are presenting potential solutions to each issue we’ve identified. Buyers aren’t answering the phone/emails […]

How to Kickstart Stalled Sales Reps with Coaching

No matter how successful a sales rep is, they’re inevitably going to hit slumps – fallow periods of famine where they just can’t close a deal or have much success with their pipeline. These troubled times are periods in which your sales coaching can have a tremendous impact in getting these stalled sales reps going […]

Looking Beyond Data to Measure Sales Performance

Analytics, or the interpretation and communication of data, plays an important role in every organization, from professional sports to your sales force. In sales, your company’s CRM Is a vital instrument to track the performance of your team. Analyzing KPI data from your CRM and other applications such as auto dialers, sales and marketing automation […]

Managing a Highly Effective and Efficient CRM

Successful sales organizations accumulate a lot of data. Historically, this presented a problem. While too much information is never a bad thing, data often came from diverse and even questionable places, from computers and cellphones to notes scribbled on wet napkins and sweaty palms, and that’s not counting the logistical nightmare of storing and tracking […]

4 Pitfalls of Selling Virtually and How to Solve Them

Due to the current pandemic, virtual selling has become the go-to method of sales. While some industries, such as SaaS, are already familiar with this approach, many are not – particularly industries with longer sales cycles and complex sales processes that traditionally involve in-person conversations to ultimately seal the deal. With this major culture shift […]

6 Ideas to Kick Start B2B Sales as the Country Reopens

With much of the country poised to begin reopening, it’s an exciting time for business. Sales professionals can look forward to seeing clients & coworkers, dressing professionally, and, yes, even our beloved office coffeemaker. However, as with the change to working remotely, many sales teams can expect some disruption as things return to normal. Sales […]

5 Ideas to Kick Start B2C Sales as the Country Reopens

As the country begins the gradual process of reopening for business, it’s important for B2C sellers to be ready for changes in consumer behavior. While B2C selling is traditionally distinguished from B2B by a faster sales process, fewer stakeholders, and more emotional decisions, there will be differences in this process as customers emerge from their […]