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Maximize Your Return on Voicemails

One of the unavoidable facts of a life in sales (especially in light of current events) is that you’re going to have to leave voicemails. The simple truth is your leads are as busy as you are—they too are on the phone working, and yes, leaving voicemails. It’s a vicious cycle for cynics, but as […]

Ways to Stay Productive When Working From Home

As a result of recent restrictions on gatherings, many businesses have been forced to have their employees work from home. In a bit of irony, I find myself currently writing a blog about working from home on my home computer, after our workplace temporarily closed shop. It can be a difficult transition. We are all […]

What’s Better – A Young, Inexperienced Sales Team or a Veteran, Tenured One?

As an award-winning sales performance company, we’ve seen it all – teams that are young and inexperienced, those that are proven and established, and a mix of the two. One of the questions we hear often is whether it’s better to have a young, green team or an older, tenured one. The short answer is […]

Is There Such a Thing as a Born Salesperson?

I’ve always held the stance that talent and skill are two distinct, separate things. Recently, I came across the perfect illustration of what I mean when I saw the American Idol audition of garbage man Doug Kiker: Talent is that which can not be taught. It’s a born, inherent ability. Doug Kiker has pure talent. […]

Why the Phone Is Key to Effective Prospecting

In our increasingly technology-driven society, using the phone to make a call or talk to people seems an antiquated concept. Memes abound of telephone conversation avoidance. This mindset has seeped its way into some sales professionals and organizations. The thinking goes that today’s buyers hate talking on the phone, it’s too hard to get through […]

Sales Experts Share Their Top Tips to Overcome Sales Slumps

Whether it’s a run of bad luck or just an off stretch, nearly everyone goes through slumps. Even the greatest athletes will experience droughts of individual success. In most cases, things correct themselves and return to normal. But what about cases where it continues? That points to a potentially more fundamental issue. And in sales, […]

Sell Me This Pen: How to Answer the Old-School Sales Question in Today’s World

It’s been a part of sales job interview lore for decades – making its appearance in books, movies, and in real life. But is “Sell me this pen” still a valid exercise to use in a changed marketplace? By now it’s long past the freshness date and has ossified into old school, bordering on cliché. […]

What B2C Sales Reps Need to Know Before Moving to B2B

You’ve proven your ability in the B2C sales world and now are moving to B2B – perhaps for a new challenge or maybe to get into a potentially more lucrative career path. Congratulations on your switch. But before your first day, you should be aware of some things about selling B2B: You’ll have to be […]

Sales Managers, Beware the Numbers Trap

Everywhere you look – from sports to predicted purchasing decisions – big data and analytics dominate. As a society, we’ve become addicted to numbers due to their objectivity. And the factual existence of figures and metrics can’t be denied. But data fixation can also be a tunnel-vision trap. We previously discussed why sales managers need […]

Don’t Rely on Automation Software for All Your Lead Nurturing

Sometimes it seems like there is never enough time in the day. From prospecting to emails, phone calls, presentations, and everything in between, you can feel like you are constantly chasing your tail. So it makes sense to look for ways to save time and automate processes. And thanks to marketing automation software, time-consuming tasks […]