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Leveraging Emotional Intelligence When Selling Remotely

Emotional intelligence is defined as one’s ability to recognize, understand, and manage their own emotions and those of others. Although the term dates from the 1960s, it first gained widespread use after the publication of the 1995 book Emotional Intelligence by the science journalist Daniel Goleman. In it, Goleman describes five skills crucial to emotional […]

6 Myths About Virtual Selling Debunked

For many sales professionals, the change to virtual selling was born of necessity. It was a response to a crisis, and they didn’t have much choice. Of course, change brings challenge, and the pandemic transformed how and where we work, but the fundamentals of selling have, to some degree, remained the same. While some see […]

Best Bourbons for Celebrating a Win

Though not an essential component of sales enablement, bourbon is always a welcome part of the sales process. After hours of discovery, rounds of presentations, and overcoming objections, there is no better way to celebrate a hard-won sale. For those with the taste, nothing tops the relaxing warmth of good bourbon, neat or chilled, as […]

Scary Sales Scenarios

Whether it’s recalling bagsful of candy or toilet papering a house, Halloween holds a certain nostalgic appeal. Though most adults know that the dead won’t rise, witches are just lonely cat ladies, and the masked figure on your porch is probably a kid in search of Snickers, it’s still fun to remember the times you […]

Developing a Prospecting Mindset

We’ve all heard the expression to “wear many hats” at work. In sales, it applies to the different jobs or roles you must fill daily. Sales Professionals can sometimes feel like they take on a different role for each part of the sales process, and if that’s the case, one essential hat is the one […]

A Few of Our Favorite Sales Podcasts

These days, podcasts have become an increasingly popular source of news and information on a wide range of interests and topics. Sales podcasts are no exception. On Spotify alone, one can find close to 50 shows that delve into sales-related topics. In many cases, they are as interesting and informative as they are fun, and […]

Why Women Excel at Sales

Organizations with greater gender diversity outperform those that are not diverse, yet women are still severely underrepresented in sales. According to research in Gartner, women only represent 39 percent of the sales force and make up a mere 19 percent of leadership roles. Yet, despite this, women in sales do incredibly well. A study by […]

7 Impediments to Consultative Selling

In some ways, the very expression “consultative selling” can be misleading as, on the surface, there should be very little “selling” involved. In fact, it could be argued that if you’re “selling,” you’re not doing it right. Instead, consultative selling prioritizes client relationships and opens a dialogue to identify specific needs to provide solutions that […]

The Sales Enablement Mistakes You Need to Avoid

We’ve discussed what sales enablement is and various strategies for increasing the adoption rate of sales enablement in our previous two posts in this series. Today, we’ll continue our focus on sales enablement by discussing some of the most common sales enablement errors that can doom your efforts. Much like we’ve done previously, we’ll go […]

How to Improve Sales Enablement Adoption in Your Team

In a previous blog post, we introduced the topic of sales enablement – what it is and how the various areas that it covers can help your team become successful. But it’s one thing to know what sales enablement is. It’s another thing entirely to create buy-in and have your team adopt the sales enablement […]