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7 Impediments to Consultative Selling

In some ways, the very expression “consultative selling” can be misleading as, on the surface, there should be very little “selling” involved. In fact, it could be argued that if you’re “selling,” you’re not doing it right. Instead, consultative selling prioritizes client relationships and opens a dialogue to identify specific needs to provide solutions that […]

The Sales Enablement Mistakes You Need to Avoid

We’ve discussed what sales enablement is and various strategies for increasing the adoption rate of sales enablement in our previous two posts in this series. Today, we’ll continue our focus on sales enablement by discussing some of the most common sales enablement errors that can doom your efforts. Much like we’ve done previously, we’ll go […]

How to Improve Sales Enablement Adoption in Your Team

In a previous blog post, we introduced the topic of sales enablement – what it is and how the various areas that it covers can help your team become successful. But it’s one thing to know what sales enablement is. It’s another thing entirely to create buy-in and have your team adopt the sales enablement […]

What a Sales Mentee Might Tell You About Sales Mentors

One thing common to successful sales professionals at all levels, from the C-Suite to managers and even top reps, is that most had a mentor to guide them. While all industries have mentor/mentee relationships, and it’s common for professionals to have multiple mentors throughout their careers, there’s something special about a sales mentor. It’s why […]

What is Sales Enablement and How Can It Benefit Your Team?

It’s a phrase that’s often bandied about as one of the key components to a successful sales process and team. But what precisely is sales enablement? The short answer – a lot of different things. The longer answer – the technology, marketing content, information, and knowledge that helps your sales reps to be successful. A […]

Winning a Virtual Discovery Call

In the shift to virtual selling, many sales professionals were taken by surprise. They were simply not accustomed to working virtually through all stages of the sales process, and they were not prepared for the unique challenges this presented. One area, in particular, is discovery. While the process is similar to in-person meetings, there are […]

How to Ensure the Success of Sales Training

These days, most organizations know the value of sales training. Companies now invest billions of dollars a year in equipping their sales teams with the skills and best practices that, ultimately, boost sales and improve revenue. With the time and expense of training, sales organizations should seek out a holistic training program that best fits […]

4 Metrics That Impact Pipeline and Drive Growth

On several occasions in this blog, we’ve shared how maintaining accurate data and metrics in a CRM, and leveraging such data to make informed business decisions, helps produce accurate forecasting you can count on. During a recent study we conducted with Selling Power, we found that best-in-class sales teams do just that – identify metrics […]

5 Tips for Selling to SMBs

According to Deloitte, there are close to 30 million small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in the United States. These represent 97 percent of all business, and they employ nearly 60 million people — almost half of private sector employment. While there is fluidity in the definition, we define SMBs as those employing less than 500 […]

How to Find Sales Opportunities During Challenging Times

One of the realities of the still-ongoing COVID-19 crisis is that many sales professionals and organizations can face greater challenges in locating viable sales opportunities. Budgets are cut, contacts are more difficult to get a hold of, and there’s logistical hurdles for many product displays and demonstrations. All of these factors make for a much […]