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6 Tips to Turn Apathetic Prospects and Clients Into Invested Partners

For many sales professionals, the greatest impediment to a sale is client apathy. The signs are easy to see. They return your calls, eventually. They respond to emails, succinctly. They do not avoid you. But they also don’t seek you. When you do engage, conversations are brief, to the point, and matter of fact. Of […]

How to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition When Selling

Selling can be a tough job, especially when your market is saturated with other salespeople offering similar products or services. Competition in all industries is fierce and getting tougher. Even if you have a great product, you can still struggle in sales unless you differentiate yourself from your competition. Convincing potential clients that you’re the right person to […]

Unleashed Podcast Episode 303: Nick Kane Discusses Sales Training Best Practices

Recently, Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane sat down with Umbrex Co-Founder Will Bachman for the Umbrex podcast Unleashed: How to Thrive as an Independent Professional. Umbrex is a global community that connects independent management consultants to create opportunity, build relationships, share lessons learned, and collaborate. In a thought-provoking conversation, Nick discusses Janek’s distinctive methodology and […]

4 Winning Tips for Selling to the Fortune 500

With the potential for long-term relationships and the prestige of trusted names, Fortune 500 companies are attractive prospects. For many sales organizations, landing one of these titans can boost revenue, and having a Fortune 500 logo on your website gets noticed by potential clients. Despite their size, selling to the Fortune 500 is still about […]

5 Ideas to Kick Start B2C Sales as the Country Reopens

As the country begins the gradual process of reopening for business, it’s important for B2C sellers to be ready for changes in consumer behavior. While B2C selling is traditionally distinguished from B2B by a faster sales process, fewer stakeholders, and more emotional decisions, there will be differences in this process as customers emerge from their […]

7 Email Tips to Make a Strong Virtual Impression

With the shift to virtual selling, many sales professionals are emailing more than ever before. As we currently can’t meet face-to-face, email has become a dominant mode of communication throughout the sales process. In many ways, these emails are an extension of you and will help your prospects form an opinion about who they are […]

Instilling Confidence in Clients During Difficult Times

During difficult times, it can be easy for salespeople to lose confidence. With so much of the news devoted to dire forecasts for business and industry, it can seem like all we can do to keep ourselves together, let alone inspire confidence in our clients or customers. However, this is exactly what salespeople need to […]

Building a Virtual Personal Brand

Once reserved exclusively for celebrities, star athletes, and other famous people, these days it seems everyone has a brand. Now, more than ever, with so much of our lives taking place in a virtual environment, it is vital for salespeople to establish themselves as serious professionals with the knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide solutions […]

What B2C Sales Reps Need to Know Before Moving to B2B

You’ve proven your ability in the B2C sales world and now are moving to B2B – perhaps for a new challenge or maybe to get into a potentially more lucrative career path. Congratulations on your switch. But before your first day, you should be aware of some things about selling B2B: You’ll have to be […]