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Attracting Quality Sales Talent in a Competitive Job Market

Top sales reps are in high demand and the competition for hiring them can be fierce. It’s hard to spot a great salesperson before the interview process, and it’s even harder to convince great sales reps to join your team once you’ve found them. Why? Top sales talent is in high demand. The U.S. Bureau […]

Hire For Attitude, Train For Sales Skills

Recruiting and hiring future sales reps for your organization requires a different criterion than it did in the past. Do you believe in the mantra, “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill?” In a world where the skills required for success are changing rapidly, it’s time sales leaders start looking for different qualities in their sales […]

3 Steps to Maximize Your Sales Training Investment

The secret to maximizing sales training is simple. Plan strategically, reinforce consistently, ensure buy-in. Simple, but not easy. In this article, we will outline how organizations can maximize their sales training to increase performance, prevent failure, and maximize their sales training investment.  Plan Sales Training Strategically Strategic is one of those business buzzwords like synergy, […]

Participate in Research on Finding, Onboarding, and Retaining Top Sales Talent

For many, the term “Great Resignation” is almost comic. However, behind this is something unprecedented, with dire consequences for many organizations. In fact, according to Forrester, there are currently more than 4.6 million more job vacancies than unemployed people! With today’s post-pandemic challenges, it is essential sales organization hire and retain the best people. Yet, […]

Top Sales Training Trends to Watch in 2022

If 2020 was the year of the pandemic, 2021 was the year sellers adapted and turned the tide. Like in a post-apocalyptic movie, sales heroes valiantly fought a formidable foe, developing and broadening their skills to combat the challenges of uncertain markets, supply-chain chaos, rising inflation, and the great resignation. At Janek Performance Group, we […]

Our Top 5 Blogs of 2021

In sales, thought leadership is a crucial component of success. It’s part of an organization’s sales enablement strategy that primes reps to believe in and sell their products and services to the best of their ability. More importantly, content, such as blogs, white papers, and case studies, helps buyers see sales reps and their organizations […]

Webinar: Does Your Sales Compensation Plan Encourage Bad Behavior?

A sales organization’s compensation plan can be an important driver of success. It can motivate and inspire reps to not only meet but exceed quota. However, the reverse is also true. A comp plan that is too complicated or not fully understood could encourage bad behavior. Recently, Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane joined Tanner Lacey, the Co-Founder and Director of Go-to-Market Strategy at Spiff, a […]

Why We Wrote The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiation

Top sellers know the sales landscape is constantly evolving. Economic fluctuations, developing technology, burgeoning new markets, not to mention global heath emergencies, all affect how we sell. As a result, the ways we negotiate must keep up. What worked ten, five, even two years ago may not be as effective today. These days, organizations are […]

Virtual Sales Trends to Watch in 2021 and Beyond

At the outset of the pandemic, many sales professionals grudgingly accepted virtual selling as a stopgap until a return to normal. Few expected it would prove such a valuable addition to their sales arsenal. Much of that was due to the steps taken by sales teams to adapt to and excel at virtual selling. As […]