A Deep Dive into the Customer Buying Journey

In the preinternet age of sales, the “buyer’s journey” described the four main stages a customer would undergo. It began with awareness (A) about the good or service, then the objective of the salesperson would be to spark interest (I), build desire (D), and eventually, close the deal with an action (A). This relatively straightforward […]

The Future of Virtual Selling

Let’s face it: The future of selling was always virtual; the COVID-19 pandemic only hastened it. According to a report by Gartner, by 2025, 80 percent of B2B sales interactions will occur digitally. Though travel experts think it might take four to eight years to return to pre-COVID levels, 67 percent of event experts expect […]

Why Women Excel at Sales

Organizations with greater gender diversity outperform those that are not diverse, yet women are still severely underrepresented in sales. According to research in Gartner, women only represent 39 percent of the sales force and make up a mere 19 percent of leadership roles. Yet, despite this, women in sales do incredibly well. A study by […]

Want to do Targeted Prospecting? Do More Research

One of the most important skills for a sales rep to develop is researching. It’s a subject that doesn’t get talked much about in terms of sales reps, other than discovery (which, incidentally, is one of the most popular Google sales-related search terms). But it should be discussed more, and sales reps should make research […]

Remember, Remember: How Sales Professionals Can Improve Their Memory

For all the sales enablement tools and technology that exist, there’s simply no replacement for having an excellent memory. As with many things, you have to exercise your memory to make it stronger. As you probably already know, memory exists in two forms: short-term (STM) and long-term (LTM). Short-term memory lasts 15 to 30 seconds […]

Monthly Sales Insights: August 2019

We’re back with another installment of Monthly Sales Insights, where we list some of the most interesting thought pieces and scholarship we’ve found recently. The Science of Creating a Dream Team – BBC This article discusses the research of Anita Williams Woolley into what makes teams function effectively and produce excellent results. Surprisingly, it’s not […]

The Power of Narrative and Storytelling in Sales

Storytelling and sales have always gone hand in hand. Science and art agree on this point: employing narrative is more persuasive and engaging than a mere listing of objective statements. But how does it work? And how do we tell a tale that speaks to our clients? Neuroscience and Storytelling When you tell someone a […]

Why Sales Professionals Need to Consider Their Affective Presence

One of the growing realizations in the field of psychology in the last few years is that people have what’s called an affective presence as part of their personality. Simply speaking, your affective presence is how you make other people feel just by being around you. It can either be positive or negative. An example […]

Monthly Sales Insights: July 2019

Last month, we debuted Monthly Sales Insights – an assortment of compelling, ground-breaking, or just plain interesting sales research and thought leadership pieces. This month, we continue our series. Because however much you know, there’s always more to learn! No Apple Presenter Speaks for Longer Than 10 Minutes, and the Reason Is Backed by Neuroscience – Inc.com […]