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Six Keys to Manage Your Sales Territory More Effectively

You’ve just been awarded a sales territory by your sales leadership team. Now it’s up to you to properly nurture and grow that area to drive sales. In tandem with our most recent white paper on Developing an Effective Sales Territory Model, we want to share some best practices that help you maximize the revenue […]

The Power of Psychographics in Prospecting and Selling

One of the hot new buzzwords in marketing and prospecting in recent years is psychographics, or psychological metrics. The term was popularized by William Wells in his 1975 article for Journal of Marketing Research, titled “Psychographics: A Critical Review”. 40 years later, it experienced a resurgence in popularity after a Harvard Business Review article on […]

President’s Club or Short Sales Contests: Which Is Best?

President’s Club. STAR Club. Summit. The 100% Club. The Winner’s Circle. The Chairman’s Circle. It goes by many different names, but it all denotes one thing – the best of the best; the top annual sales performers in your organization. It conjures up visions of fat bonuses, expensive and luxurious trips, or both. But it […]

How and When You Should Walk Away from a Sales Deal with a Prospect

One thing many of our customers encounter is the dilemma of not knowing when and how to walk away from a deal that isn’t right for them. There are countless reasons why this scenario might arise – the trick is not only being able to diagnose when these circumstances are happening but exiting in such […]