4 Sales Trends to Watch in 2024

If sellers possessed crystal balls, they’d all be wildly successful. They’d know which clients to target, and which deals would close. They would also better prepare for change. At Janek, we help many sales leaders plan and forecast. One thing we often hear is no one could have foreseen the pandemic. While no one predicted […]

Leveraging Referrals to Build Your Network and Grow Your Business

For as long as there have been sales, there have been referrals. Sellers have always relied on word-of- mouth advertising between friends and family. Today, of course, with the internet and social media, there are countless websites for greater reach. Anyone can post positive or negative reviews on sites like Yelp that can affect a […]

4 Ways Marketing Teams Can Help Salespeople Crush Quota

‍The success of any business largely depends on the ability of sales and marketing teams to work together effectively. This connection must be deeper than the marketing department providing sales reps with brochures and PDF attachments. Marketing can help sales reps understand their target market and ideal customer profile. They can also provide insights into […]

The Everyday Guide to Leading and Lagging Indicators

Today, analytics are everywhere. We count our calories, sets, sleep, and our steps. Sports fans obsess over shots made, batting average, and greens in regulation.    For sales organizations, these numbers are expressed in raw data we call leading and lagging indicators. Our white paper, The Ultimate Guide to Developing a High-Performance Sales Organization, examines […]

Sales Leadership Tips During an Economic Slowdown

CEOs naturally focus on financial metrics like revenue growth rate, operating expenses, and EBITDA in a downturn. However, other sales levers that drive profitability are available but not in the headlines. The last downturn in 2008-09 caused countless unprepared CEOs to close their doors. Talk to one of those CEOs, and they explain it like […]

Is Your Sales Rep Training Sophisticated Enough?

In the old days of selling, there was no internet. Buyers were dependent on sellers to explain their products. With this, features won the day. Slick-talking sellers could dazzle clients with the latest gadgets. How these products performed—whether they addressed needs and solved problems—was an afterthought. These days, buyers are better informed. Most have done […]

Sales Skill Development vs. Sales Process Improvement – Which Is Right For Your Business?

If there is one question sales leaders want the answer to it is: What’s the fastest way to improve sales performance? While the answer is unique to each sales organization and their situation, two areas tend to bubble to the top often: For some sales organizations, the fastest way to improve sales performance is by […]

Defining the Customer Journey

They say to know someone, you must walk in their shoes. However, for salespeople seeking to know and understand customers, this is impractical. All shoes are not a good fit. Instead of lacing up someone else’s shoes, it’s better to understand the customer’s journey. As much as customers are unique, their decision making follows a […]

4 Tips for Writing Effective Sales Proposals

In some ways, sales proposals are the overlooked middle child of the selling process. Sure, everyone knows their importance. But as a mid-funnel activity, sellers often place more emphasis on lead generation and closing. It’s understandable. Without an effective prospecting process, you won’t have leads to pursue nor deals to close. This makes proposals a […]