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Three Sales Pitfalls Startups Should Avoid

Elon Musk once said, “Starting a business is not for everyone. Starting a business – I’d say, number one is to have a high pain threshold.” Starting anything can be painful. Remember when you started riding a bike, a new workout program, or learned a new sport? In the early stages, there can be a […]

Discussing Price Prematurely-Why and How to Avoid It

In sales, price is always part of the discussion. Often, however, buyers want to know the price early, before sellers can adequately understand needs or position value. This presents a challenge. Unfortunately for sellers, competing on price alone makes your product a commodity. It’s a race between competitors where the lowest price wins. And this race […]

Qualifying Prospects Through Lead Scoring

What do top-performing sales teams do better than under-performing sales teams? They don’t waste time selling to prospects who are not ready to buy. Instead, they have a system to identify the highest value prospects in their pipeline and invest their time with those that are most likely to close. Sounds simple, but when your […]

Do Your Customers Feel Appreciated?

Today, most calendars list appreciation days for everyone and everything. Cat appreciation (August 7). Dog appreciation (August 26). Llamas (December 9). Teachers, nurses, customers (May 3, May 6, April 18). That’s right. We should appreciate customers on April 18, but do we take them for granted the rest of the year? Sellers should appreciate customers […]

Why Creating a Great Product is Only Half the Battle

When Og, chief cutter of square, stone wheels, accidentally chiseled a round wheel, he had no idea what he’d done. Only later, fitting the round wheels to his cart, did he realize the benefit. However, it still took the painstaking efforts of Ug, Grr, and Arg to bring his invention to market. And so, it […]

Goals and Benefits of a Sales Assessment

When you hear the word “assessment,” most people think of a property appraisal. But assessments are not just for properties and taxes. As sales leaders, we are required to periodically assess our sales organization. A sales assessment is an itemized evaluation of the entire sales organization. The purpose of a sales assessment is to uncover inefficiency, […]

Webinar: Does Your Sales Compensation Plan Encourage Bad Behavior?

A sales organization’s compensation plan can be an important driver of success. It can motivate and inspire reps to not only meet but exceed quota. However, the reverse is also true. A comp plan that is too complicated or not fully understood could encourage bad behavior. Recently, Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane joined Tanner Lacey, the Co-Founder and Director of Go-to-Market Strategy at Spiff, a […]

Designing a Sales Compensation Plan for SDRs and BDRs

All sales reps are not created equal. Distinctions must be noted in role, experience, and expertise. As such, no one-size-fits-all compensation plan will treat everyone fairly and get the most from a diverse sales team. While the goal of any comp plan should be to encourage and reward the behaviors that lead to success, what […]