Sales Superstars: Strategies for Recruitment, Coaching, and Team Integration

Everyone wants a superstar on their team. For football, basketball, and sales teams, superstars will always be in high demand. For sales leaders, the challenge is twofold: finding top sales talent and coaching high performers to expand their capabilities. If you have ever experienced this double-edged sword, this article is for you. Below, you will […]

What Sales Leaders Can Learn From Deion Sanders

In sales and sports, the difference between victory and defeat often depends on leadership. The strategic vision, the belief in the process, and coaching excellence set exceptional leaders apart. Imagine a leader who turned around a struggling sales team’s performance and increased results by 300 percent. Enter Deion Sanders, the force behind the resurgence of […]

Embracing Challenges, Enhancing Sales Performance

How’s your sales team performing? Have you ever noticed that the better a sales team performs, the more detailed the sales leader’s answer is? Sales professionals often focus on positive details and avoid the negative, a phenomenon known as the ostrich effect. This tendency to avoid negative information can have significant implications for sales professionals. […]

The Power of Quotes

“Leaders are readers” has always been a mantra I firmly believed in. Further, I’ve always enjoyed finding the “golden quotes” that perfectly shape up an important thought or action. These short phases of well-constructed words, can bring clarity and have a lasting effect on both vision and motivation. High achievers like Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, and Steve […]

How to Optimize Your Cold Calling Strategy

A sales manager recently asked, “Is cold calling effective?” I replied, “Sometimes.” My answer was not an attempt to be glib or elusive but rather a factual observation from working with hundreds of sales teams. There are sales teams who find cold calling effective, while there are others who think it is useless. In this […]

Driving Sales Success in Uncertain Times

“Nobody cares, just coach your team” is what Al Davis, then coach of the Raiders, told Bill Parcells, coach of the Giants when he complained about the number of injured players. A slowdown in sales can be a major reason for any CEO to complain, and no one wants to hear excuses. But everyone will […]

Culture: The Sales Organization’s Secret Weapon

Janek Performance Group recently received the prestigious State of Nevada Top Workplaces 2023 Award, marking our third consecutive win. While we are humbled by this recognition, we accept this award proudly because it represents a lot of hard work. This Top Workplace Award serves as a reminder of the numerous factors to consider when building […]

What Hollywood is Teaching Us About Selling

“Put the coffee down. Coffee is for closers.” This is the famous line Alec Baldwin delivers in a sales meeting from the movie Glengarry Glenn Ross. Scriptwriters and the movie industry have undeniably impacted the selling profession positively and negatively. On the one hand, they have glamorized the world of sales, depicting charismatic and persuasive […]

Should You Outsource Your BDR Team?

Build an automated pipeline for your sales team, full of high-quality leads, without adding headcount to your sales staff. That’s the promise of outsourcing your business development team to a third-party provider. However, outsourcing this business-critical sales function to a third-party business development agency is much different than outsourcing your website development to a marketing […]