Janek Partners With Clozd for a Master Class Win-Loss Analysis Webinar

Athletes and sports teams often talk about reviewing the game tape. This is a process in which they revisit a game to see why they either won or lost. In sales, this is called a win-loss analysis. And it’s one of the most important evaluations an organization can conduct. In addition to identifying why they […]

Leveraging Referrals to Build Your Network and Grow Your Business

For as long as there have been sales, there have been referrals. Sellers have always relied on word-of- mouth advertising between friends and family. Today, of course, with the internet and social media, there are countless websites for greater reach. Anyone can post positive or negative reviews on sites like Yelp that can affect a […]

Tips for Conducting a Win-Loss Analysis

There are many reasons why prospects accept or reject your proposals and bids. Perhaps, it was the economy, or the right product at the wrong time. Maybe it was the price, or your seller couldn’t sway a decision maker. That’s what makes a win-loss analysis essential. It is the process organizations undertake to understand why […]

5 Things You Should Know About Sales Managers

We all know the challenges of a sales career. And many know the difficulties of management. That’s what makes the sales manager position unique. In some ways, it can seem like merging opposites. Many sellers, like teachers and doctors, work best alone. Sales managers, however, not only work with their teams. They also work with […]

Justin Zappulla Talks Win-Loss Analysis on the Sales Reinvented Podcast

A win-loss analysis is the process of learning why your customers buy or don’t buy your products and services. With interviews and surveys conducted post engagement, it’s crucial to understand how organizations can better meet their customer’s changing needs.  Recently, Janek Managing Partner Justin Zappulla joined host Paul Watts of the Sales Reinvented podcast. In a […]

The Everyday Guide to Leading and Lagging Indicators

Today, analytics are everywhere. We count our calories, sets, sleep, and our steps. Sports fans obsess over shots made, batting average, and greens in regulation.    For sales organizations, these numbers are expressed in raw data we call leading and lagging indicators. Our white paper, The Ultimate Guide to Developing a High-Performance Sales Organization, examines […]

Critical Thinking as a Sales Superpower

Over the past few years, our profession has witnessed an exciting evolution. Products and solutions have become more complex, buyers better informed, and this convergence has created a demand for highly skilled sales professionals, not just sales reps who know how to overcome objections and learned a few rebuttals. Modern sales professionals are trusted advisors […]

The Dangers of Average Sales Skills

Has your sales department ever calculated the cost of sales reps with average sales skills? I am still trying to figure out the answer, but my initial thought was ten percent of top-line revenue. However, upon deeper reflection, it’s unequivocal that top sales reps are exponentially more productive than average reps. Therefore, the cost of […]

Stop Trying to Fit Sales Coaching in a Box

For many sales organizations, coaching is a tricky subject. As an ongoing activity, it is sandwiched between more exciting events, like onboarding and sales training. But sales coaching also suffers from a secondary malady. Though everyone agrees it is necessary, few do it right. As sales coaching and training experts, let us dispense with one […]