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Tips to Navigate Cultural Differences in International Sales Negotiations

For many, treating others as you want to be treated is sound advice. However, when engaged in a sales negotiation with international clients, this could be problematic. In the United States, most share common cultural expectations. Of course, these vary by region. New Englanders differ from Southerners who are distinct from Midwesterners, etc. Despite this, […]

How to Tactfully Disagree in a Sales Negotiation

In our white paper The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiations, we define a negotiation as a discussion or a series of discussions between two or more parties to resolve issues and agree to terms acceptable to all. The key words are “resolve issues.” If there are no issues and everyone readily agrees, there is no […]

6 Mistakes to Avoid in a Sales Negotiation

It’s said experience is the greatest teacher. This rings true for most professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, and sales pros. And a big part of gaining experience is making mistakes. In a sales negotiation, however, mistakes can result in lower margins, reduced profitability, and lost deals. Our recent white paper The Ultimate Guide to Sales […]

10 Tips to Maintain Control of a Sales Negotiation

In our recent white paper The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiations, we discuss how negotiations improve with consultative selling. By stressing long-term relationships over short-term sales, sellers should form partnerships and work with buyers to achieve the best outcomes. However, while both sides have their wants, and one side’s needs should not supersede the other’s, […]

8 Ways to Add Value in a Sales Negotiation

In our recent white paper The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiations, we discuss how people often view the negotiation process as adversarial. They think that, for one side to win, the other must lose. This frequently arises from the mistaken notion that a negotiation is all about money. While we certainly cannot dismiss money from […]

Why We Wrote The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiation

Top sellers know the sales landscape is constantly evolving. Economic fluctuations, developing technology, burgeoning new markets, not to mention global heath emergencies, all affect how we sell. As a result, the ways we negotiate must keep up. What worked ten, five, even two years ago may not be as effective today. These days, organizations are […]

Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane Guests on the Optimal Instinct Podcast

On September 1, Janek Performance Group Managing Partner Nick Kane guested on the Optimal Instinct podcast with noted author and organizational efficiency warrior Trish Tagle. In a short but insightful conversation, Nick and Trish discuss how solving problems still tops your customer’s list of expectations, but as buyers have become more educated and the industry […]

5 Tips for Dealing With Difficult Clients

At some point in their career, every sales professional will have to deal with a difficult client. While it is perfectly normal for a client to negotiate and demand the best from the companies/people they choose to partner with, some clients will take it much, much further. As good clients can be great friends, difficult […]

A Guide to Selling to Multiple Departments in a Single Sale

Because sales is more complex than ever, professionals in the field have to keep in mind they face the very real possibility that they’ll be selling to a group of decision-makers, rather than a single final decider. This is particularly true when a sale to an organization involves more than one department. It’s a situation […]