5 Tips to Craft Winning Sales Presentations

From product details to solution recommendations, sales reps present a lot. As a sales training company, we study, teach, and coach best practices for presentations. Typically, these involve one seller with one or two buyers. However, today, with so much uncertainty, budgets are tight, decision makers are plentiful, and competition is stiff. This complicates presentations […]

How Biases Can Affect Sales Outcomes

A sales rep recently complained, “We had the better solution and price, and we still lost the sale.” These missed opportunities leave sales reps wondering if the prospect was even listening during the presentation. When prospects don’t listen it’s not their ears that are closed, but their subconscious mind. Unconscious bias is something everyone has. […]

Overcoming the Status Quo Bias

As sellers, we face an invisible enemy that sabotages more deals than our biggest competitors. This foe is the status quo. For sales pros, the status quo extends sales cycles and perpetuates no-decisions with buyers. Sales reps need fresh strategies to neutralize the status quo. This article provides the antidote to one of the most […]

Sell With the Confidence of Your CEO

More than one CEO has said, “If prospects just knew what I know, every prospect would become a client.” When CEOs (or founders) talk with prospects, their closing rate is extremely high. This is a common sales challenge for companies. Transferring the knowledge and experience from senior leaders so the sales team can close at […]

Gaining Trust in Financial Services

You don’t need to be J.P. Morgan to predict that higher interest rates will lead to more expensive borrowing, increased uncertainty, and credit risks that we haven’t seen in over a decade. When markets become uncertain, resources are managed more cautiously. For bankers, financial advisors, and business development officers, generating new business becomes more complicated. […]

Webinar: The Art of Questioning and Listening

Of the skills required for effective selling, perhaps none are more important than questioning and listening. These set the stage for productive conversations and build the relationships needed for long-term success. Recently, Janek Managing Partners Nick Kane and Justin Zappulla joined with NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network with over 500 member offices across six continents, […]

New LinkedIn Tools for Sales

“There is no reason to do anything, other than act like a media company in today’s digital age,” said Gary Vaynerchuk, five years ago. The cost and expertise required to produce content continue to drop, and now there is no reason for sales organizations and their sales reps not to be producing content. LinkedIn is […]

How to Turn Problems Into Opportunities

“We don’t have problems, we have opportunities.” That’s a line many sales leaders like to repeat as a form of motivation to their sales team. But before a problem can become an opportunity, you’ll need to find or create a solution to the problem. If you’re unable to follow through on that notion, you’re not […]

Cold Emails That Work

Cold emailing prospects is a highly underrated sales skill. For it to be effective, we need to change our perspective on the purpose of cold emailing. For professional sales reps, cold emails should be viewed as a relationship-building tool over a sales tool or promotional tool. For modern sellers, it is a mistake to attempt […]