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6 Tips to Turn Apathetic Prospects and Clients Into Invested Partners

For many sales professionals, the greatest impediment to a sale is client apathy. The signs are easy to see. They return your calls, eventually. They respond to emails, succinctly. They do not avoid you. But they also don’t seek you. When you do engage, conversations are brief, to the point, and matter of fact. Of […]

Boosting Productivity With Sales Sequences

In a world where outbound sales emails flow into senior executives’ inboxes at an exponential rate, sales sequences enable your sales organization to keep up with the pace. Sales sequences provide a level of automation, ensuring consistent and effortless engagement with key prospects in your sales funnel. This systemizes outreach and keeps you and your […]

Leveraging LinkedIn as Part of Your Sales Process

If you are in sales, you are likely on LinkedIn. And if you are on LinkedIn, you’ve definitely seen promotions for LinkedIn courses and coaches. Today, there are plenty of LinkedIn gurus, who have “cracked the code” and want to help average sales reps transform into six and seven-figure superstars. I believe most coaches and […]

Sales Clichés to Avoid Like the Plague

Recently I saw a post on LinkedIn that proclaimed to be a “game-changing, disruptive and transformative solution.” I was not surprised to see a post using the “game-changing” sales cliché with zero likes and zero comments. Sales clichés are ineffective if you are the seller and frustrating if you are the buyer. Sales clichés are […]

Do Your Prospects Recognize Your Value?

What would selling look like if it was easy? In a perfect world, prospects would immediately recognize the value your product or solution delivers and take the required actions to secure the solution for themselves. For example, most of us, if we find a hundred-dollar bill on a sidewalk, would bend over and snatch it […]

Infographic: How to Make Better B2B Sales Calls

There’s a science to everything, including using that same tried-and-true sales tool—the telephone. Reinvent the dial with these simple tips for increasing the effectiveness of your calls, upping your response rates, and filling your pipeline.

5 Tips for Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Without question, gatekeeper is the most intimidating designation in sales. While they may or may not have influence, they are always important. Of course, they do not guard Medieval castles. But they are the frontline against salespeople and others who seek a decision maker’s time. Often, if the gatekeeper doesn’t like you, you’re not meeting […]

Overcoming the Fear of Sales Prospecting

Prospecting, seeking new opportunities and clients, is an integral part of sales. It is critical to success, for both reps and their organizations. However, when it comes to prospecting, many salespeople experience fear. Although common, this malady can affect both rookies and seasoned pros. A driver of performance anxiety, it can lead to sales slumps, […]

Thinking Outside the Box This Holiday Season

Santa Claus may be coming to town, but as a sales professional, it is difficult to get into the holiday season until you meet your sales numbers. For the few who exceed their quota before Thanksgiving, everything is merry. For the rest of us, it’s time to make a list and check it twice and qualify […]