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Hire For Attitude, Train For Sales Skills

Recruiting and hiring future sales reps for your organization requires a different criterion than it did in the past. Do you believe in the mantra, “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill?” In a world where the skills required for success are changing rapidly, it’s time sales leaders start looking for different qualities in their sales […]

Patience Is a Virtue in Sales Coaching

Patience is not a word often associated with sales. In fact, most sales leaders operate at one speed — impatience. Yet for sales coaches and trainers, patience is a virtue that can make or break your sales team’s success. Learning to master sales is neither easy nor quick. The ability to endure challenging situations is […]

Discussing Price Prematurely-Why and How to Avoid It

In sales, price is always part of the discussion. Often, however, buyers want to know the price early, before sellers can adequately understand needs or position value. This presents a challenge. Unfortunately for sellers, competing on price alone makes your product a commodity. It’s a race between competitors where the lowest price wins. And this race […]

Sales Clichés to Avoid Like the Plague

Recently I saw a post on LinkedIn that proclaimed to be a “game-changing, disruptive and transformative solution.” I was not surprised to see a post using the “game-changing” sales cliché with zero likes and zero comments. Sales clichés are ineffective if you are the seller and frustrating if you are the buyer. Sales clichés are […]

3 Steps to Maximize Your Sales Training Investment

The secret to maximizing sales training is simple. Plan strategically, reinforce consistently, ensure buy-in. Simple, but not easy. In this article, we will outline how organizations can maximize their sales training to increase performance, prevent failure, and maximize their sales training investment.  Plan Sales Training Strategically Strategic is one of those business buzzwords like synergy, […]

A Guide to Sales Training Design and Development

Are you a sales trainer or sales coach looking to enhance your skills? Being a sales trainer is one of the most critical jobs at any growing organization. Yes, your first responsibility is to increase the skill of the sales reps on the team. But just as important, your training also impacts your customers, the […]

Selling Strategy: Focus on People or Products?

On the surface, it’s easy to see products as the center of your sales strategy. After all, products and services are the things you sell. It’s natural to build a strategy around them. You want to highlight their best features, compare to the competition, and price to make a profit. However, as easy as this […]

What Type of Sales Training is Right For Your Team?

Congratulations to your company for surviving the pandemic. Things sure looked bleak for a while. You might have needed to lay off staff, but you made it through the downturn. Now the economy is growing again and you are looking to hire more sales talent for your team. That’s the good news. The bad news […]

Do Your Customers Feel Appreciated?

Today, most calendars list appreciation days for everyone and everything. Cat appreciation (August 7). Dog appreciation (August 26). Llamas (December 9). Teachers, nurses, customers (May 3, May 6, April 18). That’s right. We should appreciate customers on April 18, but do we take them for granted the rest of the year? Sellers should appreciate customers […]