Why, How, and When to Upskill Your Sales Team

One lesson of COVID was how fast things change. In an instant, sales organizations saw their operations and teams rendered dramatically less productive. It wasn’t just prolonged downtime. It was an epic cultural shift that upended our processes, people, and priorities. At the same time, organizations struggled to support yesterday’s reps with today’s problems. Another […]

The Essence of Sales Training

“Sell more,” “close faster,” and “increase your revenue” are the messages I’ve been bombarded with lately online. The sales training market is producing a ton of content. There’s been a market for sales training since John Henry Patterson, George Eastman, and Andrew Carnegie built their empires in the 1800s. In this article, we will separate […]

Is Your Sales Rep Training Sophisticated Enough?

In the old days of selling, there was no internet. Buyers were dependent on sellers to explain their products. With this, features won the day. Slick-talking sellers could dazzle clients with the latest gadgets. How these products performed—whether they addressed needs and solved problems—was an afterthought. These days, buyers are better informed. Most have done […]

Sales Skill Development vs. Sales Process Improvement – Which Is Right For Your Business?

If there is one question sales leaders want the answer to it is: What’s the fastest way to improve sales performance? While the answer is unique to each sales organization and their situation, two areas tend to bubble to the top often: For some sales organizations, the fastest way to improve sales performance is by […]

The Science of Learning Sales

The rookie sales rep just lost a big deal to the competition. The sales manager spends three hours of one-on-one sales coaching, covering what went wrong and what to do differently. After this latest crash course on selling, the manager sends the sales rep back into the field. However, the next opportunity is lost due […]

Strategies for Cyber Security Sales Teams

“We need more salespeople for our anticipated growth,” said the CEO of an enterprise cyber security firm. The digital transformation and remote work environments create heightened security concerns among end-users and growth opportunities for providers. Enterprise providers, like Microsoft, Cisco, and Amazon Web Services, are all searching for experienced salespeople with cyber security expertise. Finding […]

Onboarding Salespeople–Are You Doing It Right?

At some point, every top-performing salesperson was a new hire. For most, this means hours or days pouring over the orientation materials needed to be a good employee. Often, however, this has nothing to do with being productive sellers. For that, sales organizations rely on onboarding. This is the lengthy process of developing raw sales […]

Crucial Advice for Sales Professionals: 5 Sales Mistakes to Avoid

All sellers have their tried-and-true practices. These are the things they know work best for them in each sales situation. Maybe, it’s that joke about sales reps and online dating. Or that popular story about nailing the ace and gaining the sale. Unfortunately, many sales reps also make their share of missteps. Worse, many have […]

What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Sales Coach or Sales Trainer

Are you in sales and have your eye on becoming a corporate sales trainer or sales coach? Even though many people view the roles as similar, they are in fact two unique positions. At the basic level, both are about improving sales performance. In this article, we explore both roles in detail, how much they […]