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How Do You Handle The Dreaded Price Question?

Early price discussions are a constant source of stress and second-guessing for sales reps. What if you show your cards too soon and lose customer interest? What if you hold back too much and upset your customer by creating doubt? First, if they ask you a direct question, answer it. It’s important to say “yes” […]

Are Your Sales Presentations Compelling? Really?

Finally, you have succeeded in getting your prospect to sit down for a meeting. Now it’s time to show them how your products or services will serve as a solution to their needs. Do not underestimate the importance of this presentation and regurgitate the same old thing! Customers have seen it all before, so if […]

Why You Should Get Friendly With The Gatekeeper

It’s no secret that most sales professionals intensely dislike dealing with gatekeepers. The reason is obvious – receptionists, administrative assistants or switchboard operators play a pivotal role in every organization. One of their biggest powers is to connect you with the right person who might be interested in buying your products or services. They control […]

Can Your Opening Really Make or Break A Sale?

Of course it can! Although a majority of sales training is concentrated on developing a rep’s presentation skills and their questioning and listening skill set, the opening is the foundation of a sales interaction. The opening sets the stage for the rep to be able to identify a client’s needs. It is critical to “earn […]