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What Type of Sales Training is Right For Your Team?

Congratulations to your company for surviving the pandemic. Things sure looked bleak for a while. You might have needed to lay off staff, but you made it through the downturn. Now the economy is growing again and you are looking to hire more sales talent for your team. That’s the good news. The bad news […]

Do Your Customers Feel Appreciated?

Today, most calendars list appreciation days for everyone and everything. Cat appreciation (August 7). Dog appreciation (August 26). Llamas (December 9). Teachers, nurses, customers (May 3, May 6, April 18). That’s right. We should appreciate customers on April 18, but do we take them for granted the rest of the year? Sellers should appreciate customers […]

5 Tips for Getting Past the Gatekeeper

Without question, gatekeeper is the most intimidating designation in sales. While they may or may not have influence, they are always important. Of course, they do not guard Medieval castles. But they are the frontline against salespeople and others who seek a decision maker’s time. Often, if the gatekeeper doesn’t like you, you’re not meeting […]

Infographic: How to Strengthen the Impact of Your Sales Presentation

When delivering a sales presentation to your customer, her needs and your solutions must be at the core of your presentation. However, there are a few tactics you can leverage in order to strengthen the impact of your delivery and take your presentation to the next level. These include social proof, addressing alternative options, and acknowledging […]

Why Creating a Great Product is Only Half the Battle

When Og, chief cutter of square, stone wheels, accidentally chiseled a round wheel, he had no idea what he’d done. Only later, fitting the round wheels to his cart, did he realize the benefit. However, it still took the painstaking efforts of Ug, Grr, and Arg to bring his invention to market. And so, it […]

Infographic: Avoid Common Pitfalls During Your Sales Presentation

Presenting well requires some skill and finesse. The good news is that these skills are learnable; with practice they will become second nature. The bad news is that there are myriad ways for sales professionals to derail a presentation. By becoming aware of some common pitfalls, you can strive to avoid making mistakes that might […]

Top Sales Training Trends to Watch in 2022

If 2020 was the year of the pandemic, 2021 was the year sellers adapted and turned the tide. Like in a post-apocalyptic movie, sales heroes valiantly fought a formidable foe, developing and broadening their skills to combat the challenges of uncertain markets, supply-chain chaos, rising inflation, and the great resignation. At Janek Performance Group, we […]

Our Top 5 Blogs of 2021

In sales, thought leadership is a crucial component of success. It’s part of an organization’s sales enablement strategy that primes reps to believe in and sell their products and services to the best of their ability. More importantly, content, such as blogs, white papers, and case studies, helps buyers see sales reps and their organizations […]

The Science of Developing Sales Skills

Do you know the difference between an amateur and a professional? The amateur will practice until they get it right while the professional will practice until they can’t get it wrong. There are no secrets or shortcuts to becoming a high-performing sales professional. And, as a manager of salespeople, to create high-performing sales teams you need to […]