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How Sales Jobs Will Change in the Future

We’ve all heard and read…and heard and read….and heard and read how selling is changing.  So why do so many sales reps continue to sell like they were in 2001? Because no company wants to think they are behind the times. But the good old days of flipping open your Rolodex (or CRM) calling your best customer […]

How to Boost the Effectiveness of Sales Training

Sales training can be a significant investment in your sales team. In addition to the career benefits for reps, such as increased knowledge and skill development, it provides numerous advantages for the organization, including greater quota attainment and higher margins. However, despite this, it would be a mistake for organizations to think they can just […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Sales Training For Your Team

Eventually, all sales leaders wonder if their team needs training. In short, if you’re asking the question, the answer may be yes. There are any number of indicators a team can benefit from training, such as missed quota, lagging KPIs, or a general air of complacency, but these are easy to see. Though sales numbers […]

A Deep Dive into the Customer Buying Journey

In the preinternet age of sales, the “buyer’s journey” described the four main stages a customer would undergo. It began with awareness (A) about the good or service, then the objective of the salesperson would be to spark interest (I), build desire (D), and eventually, close the deal with an action (A). This relatively straightforward […]

A Guide on How to Build a Sales Strategy That Works

Sales has never been simple. With greater competition in the marketplace and more channels to compete in, building a successful sales strategy has become increasingly challenging. And to make matters even worse, an increasing number of individuals are less receptive to a salesperson’s traditional methods of customer acquisition.1  So, how do you build a sales […]

Refining Your B2B Sales Process

The B2B sales process requires an established method with steps that can be improved upon over time. By refining your team’s B2B sales process, you can ensure it meets the expectations of today’s market while still staying rooted in a solid foundation. Revisiting the B2B sales process frequently is good practice when onboarding new team […]

Demand Gen vs. Lead Gen

One of the common challenges in B2B sales is that there’s a running list of vocabulary words used by sales teams, often interchangeably, even though there are differences in definitions. A popular example of this is demand gen vs. lead gen. Though similar and equally important to a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy, there are […]

Top Challenges in B2B Sales

The role of a sales rep is ever-changing, which makes the job as demanding as it is exciting. As with any other type of position, there are challenges that come with the territory. Identifying the top challenges in B2B sales is important in order to improve upon the sales approach and maintain high sales performance. […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of attracting new prospects and converting them into business. Leads come from several different areas of inbound and outbound efforts, and not all are prequalified as true potential customers to meet a company’s revenue goals. Knowing where leads come from, the cost of gaining a new lead, and learning how […]