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Three Sales Pitfalls Startups Should Avoid

Elon Musk once said, “Starting a business is not for everyone. Starting a business – I’d say, number one is to have a high pain threshold.” Starting anything can be painful. Remember when you started riding a bike, a new workout program, or learned a new sport? In the early stages, there can be a […]

6 Tips to Turn Apathetic Prospects and Clients Into Invested Partners

For many sales professionals, the greatest impediment to a sale is client apathy. The signs are easy to see. They return your calls, eventually. They respond to emails, succinctly. They do not avoid you. But they also don’t seek you. When you do engage, conversations are brief, to the point, and matter of fact. Of […]

Avoid the End of the Month Fire Drill

Why are most salespeople hair-on-fire busy at the end of the month? It’s like a four-alarm fire without the smoke and flames. When the last days of the month roll around, we scurry through our pipeline trying to find the straggling deals to save our numbers. We barely pull it off, and then we can […]

The Top Sales Approaches for B2B Selling

For fickle foodies, you can’t beat a smorgasbord. How else can you get a prime rib with a side of pizza? Aside from its glutinous aspects, a smorgasbord can satisfy a multitude of tastes. In the same way, a seller’s sales approach can satiate the complex needs of sundry buyers. But sellers must know the […]

Boosting Productivity With Sales Sequences

In a world where outbound sales emails flow into senior executives’ inboxes at an exponential rate, sales sequences enable your sales organization to keep up with the pace. Sales sequences provide a level of automation, ensuring consistent and effortless engagement with key prospects in your sales funnel. This systemizes outreach and keeps you and your […]

Using No to Get to Yes

Do you remember the last time you were solicited by a salesperson at a kiosk in your local mall? On a recent mall visit, I walked past a kiosk and the salesperson asked, “Can I ask you a question?” I replied, “No thanks” and kept walking. As a sales trainer and coach, the question got […]

Leveraging LinkedIn as Part of Your Sales Process

If you are in sales, you are likely on LinkedIn. And if you are on LinkedIn, you’ve definitely seen promotions for LinkedIn courses and coaches. Today, there are plenty of LinkedIn gurus, who have “cracked the code” and want to help average sales reps transform into six and seven-figure superstars. I believe most coaches and […]

Justin Zappulla Joins the BankTalk Podcast

Janek Managing Partner Justin Zappulla recently joined host Charlie Kelly of the BankTalk podcast to share his thoughts on hiring sales-oriented employees. In addition, he addresses pipeline management, including tracking the major stages needed to be successful, in banking or any industry, and the differences between marketing and sales qualified leads. Further, he discusses the […]