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Succeed in Sales: Avoid the 3C’s

There once was an international sales conference for the world’s top sales performers. Only the best of the best received an invite to this prestigious event. The highlight of the sales conference was an evening yacht ride to Success Island. As the yacht pulled away from its mooring, one salesperson was racing down the dock. […]

Using No to Get to Yes

Do you remember the last time you were solicited by a salesperson at a kiosk in your local mall? On a recent mall visit, I walked past a kiosk and the salesperson asked, “Can I ask you a question?” I replied, “No thanks” and kept walking. As a sales trainer and coach, the question got […]

Salesperson or Trusted Advisor: What’s the Difference?

“We have the best product in the industry, beat the competition’s price, and we still lost the business.” This is a gripe we hear from even the most experienced salespeople. In the modern sales environment, the best product does not always win. And the lowest price does not always get the deal done. What trumps […]

Tips for More Effective Sales Storytelling

There is something fundamental about storytelling. Just after the first humans arrived in Europe 30,000 years ago, we find cave drawings in France and Germany. Of course, these were lions and rhinos, but they tell a story of the people and their culture. This need for storytelling carries through all ancient societies like Sumer, Egypt, […]

How Much Selling Do You Really Do?

There’s a statistic floating around the internet that says the average inside sales rep only spends 33% of their time actively selling. That equates to just 13.2 hours per week. I’m not sure if I agree with that figure but time management is an undervalued skill among sales reps. In this article we will outline […]

The Light Touch of Selling

In pop culture, salespeople are often portrayed as unscrupulous, money-hungry manipulators. Of course, this is not only offensive; it’s also patently false for professional sellers! However, one lesson of the pandemic is that hard-sell techniques will not work. In uncertain times, buyers cannot be bullied or cajoled into spending money on things they don’t need. […]

6 Ways to Build Trust Quickly in Post-COVID Sales

Of course, we are all familiar with how COVID-19 changed sales. From new environments to new skill sets and processes, our comfort zones were upended as our personal and professional lives entered a state of flux. As much as this was true for sales teams, it was also true of buyers. A byproduct of this […]

Our Top 5 Blogs of 2021

In sales, thought leadership is a crucial component of success. It’s part of an organization’s sales enablement strategy that primes reps to believe in and sell their products and services to the best of their ability. More importantly, content, such as blogs, white papers, and case studies, helps buyers see sales reps and their organizations […]

Mindset And Positive Framing: How It Impacts Your Sales

You’ve probably heard of mindset but have you heard of framing? It’s the idea that the way you think about and interpret events in your life has a huge impact on how you feel and behave, even if the event itself doesn’t change. A recent study found that students given positive information about their school […]