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Onboarding Salespeople–Are You Doing It Right?

At some point, every top-performing salesperson was a new hire. For most, this means hours or days pouring over the orientation materials needed to be a good employee. Often, however, this has nothing to do with being productive sellers. For that, sales organizations rely on onboarding. This is the lengthy process of developing raw sales […]

Eliminating Unproductive Sales Meetings

Most sales reps groan, “Here we go again” at the thought of another sales meeting. “Another sales meeting? We just had one on Monday. How much has changed since our last meeting?” Yet again, another hour that will be lost forever once the sales meeting finally concludes. Unproductive sales meetings cause both sales leaders and […]

Working Smarter, Not Harder

As a sales leader, you may sometimes find yourself wondering what’s changed with enterprise B2B sales? Your sales team is intelligent, dedicated, and motivated, yet sales have slowed, and the team is barely making progress toward their year-end sales goals. Overworking and underperforming was not part of the sales plan for 2022. The effort is […]

Sales Contests Reps Love

It’s the last day of the month, and the sales team rolls in early. They’re excited, engaged, and talk about the opportunities they want to close before the end of the day. At least, that’s how the sales leader envisioned it when they created this month’s sales contest. Most sales contests are created with the […]

The Search for the Perfect Salesperson

If your company needs help finding the perfect salesperson, this article is for you. While the perfect salesperson may be as elusive as a Leprechaun, knowing what to look for will help in the hunt. Based on our extensive experience working with salespeople across all industries, we try to answer this important question. Regardless of […]

The Insider’s Guide to a Sales Talent Audit

With the NBA season and draft complete, free agency is in full swing. Though there are no games, fans stay busy tracking contracts and trades. While not as exciting, it gets intense. Who’s a good fit? How does chemistry change? What are a team’s odds of improved performance and a title? As basketball is an […]

Attracting Quality Sales Talent in a Competitive Job Market

Top sales reps are in high demand and the competition for hiring them can be fierce. It’s hard to spot a great salesperson before the interview process, and it’s even harder to convince great sales reps to join your team once you’ve found them. Why? Top sales talent is in high demand. The U.S. Bureau […]

Justin Zappulla Joins the BankTalk Podcast

Janek Managing Partner Justin Zappulla recently joined host Charlie Kelly of the BankTalk podcast to share his thoughts on hiring sales-oriented employees. In addition, he addresses pipeline management, including tracking the major stages needed to be successful, in banking or any industry, and the differences between marketing and sales qualified leads. Further, he discusses the […]

Hire For Attitude, Train For Sales Skills

Recruiting and hiring future sales reps for your organization requires a different criterion than it did in the past. Do you believe in the mantra, “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill?” In a world where the skills required for success are changing rapidly, it’s time sales leaders start looking for different qualities in their sales […]