Stop Trying to Fit Sales Coaching in a Box

For many sales organizations, coaching is a tricky subject. As an ongoing activity, it is sandwiched between more exciting events, like onboarding and sales training. But sales coaching also suffers from a secondary malady. Though everyone agrees it is necessary, few do it right. As sales coaching and training experts, let us dispense with one […]

Is Coaching Salespeople Different Than Managing Them?

In sales, the terms “manager” and “coach” are common titles. Indeed, the two are often used interchangeably. Afterall, for each, their primary objective is supporting sales teams to boost performance and achieve success. In actual practice, however, sales managers and coaches may or may not be the same person. Also, they often focus on different […]

Why We Wrote Our Finding, Onboarding, and Retaining Top Sales Talent White Paper

For most businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic was a gut punch we never saw coming. Economic downturns are one thing. But COVID was something more. Beyond supply-chain disruptions, shortages, and closures, the pandemic struck the very heart of business. It permanently altered the fundamental relationship between a company and its people. Among sales organizations, this change […]

Strategies for Cyber Security Sales Teams

“We need more salespeople for our anticipated growth,” said the CEO of an enterprise cyber security firm. The digital transformation and remote work environments create heightened security concerns among end-users and growth opportunities for providers. Enterprise providers, like Microsoft, Cisco, and Amazon Web Services, are all searching for experienced salespeople with cyber security expertise. Finding […]

Onboarding Salespeople–Are You Doing It Right?

At some point, every top-performing salesperson was a new hire. For most, this means hours or days pouring over the orientation materials needed to be a good employee. Often, however, this has nothing to do with being productive sellers. For that, sales organizations rely on onboarding. This is the lengthy process of developing raw sales […]

Eliminating Unproductive Sales Meetings

Most sales reps groan, “Here we go again” at the thought of another sales meeting. “Another sales meeting? We just had one on Monday. How much has changed since our last meeting?” Yet again, another hour that will be lost forever once the sales meeting finally concludes. Unproductive sales meetings cause both sales leaders and […]

Working Smarter, Not Harder

As a sales leader, you may sometimes find yourself wondering what’s changed with enterprise B2B sales? Your sales team is intelligent, dedicated, and motivated, yet sales have slowed, and the team is barely making progress toward their year-end sales goals. Overworking and underperforming was not part of the sales plan for 2022. The effort is […]

Sales Contests Reps Love

It’s the last day of the month, and the sales team rolls in early. They’re excited, engaged, and talk about the opportunities they want to close before the end of the day. At least, that’s how the sales leader envisioned it when they created this month’s sales contest. Most sales contests are created with the […]

The Search for the Perfect Salesperson

If your company needs help finding the perfect salesperson, this article is for you. While the perfect salesperson may be as elusive as a Leprechaun, knowing what to look for will help in the hunt. Based on our extensive experience working with salespeople across all industries, we try to answer this important question. Regardless of […]