What Makes a Great Sales Mentor?

Being a sales mentor to your peers can be one of the most rewarding aspects of a sales career. There’s no salary. No commission. The hours can be irregular, but the benefits make it worthwhile. As anyone who has had a mentor will tell you, a mentor’s ability to shape and guide a career extends […]

The Sales High Five Show, Episode 7: Top 5 KPIs Every Sales Manager Must Track

KPIs are Key Performance Indictors that must be consistently tracked for organizations to know how they are doing and what needs to be improved. They are also a roadmap to identify new areas of opportunity. In this episode of The Sales High Five Show, Janek Managing Partner Nick Kane discusses the top five most important […]

The 8 Most Common Mistakes When Hiring Sales Professionals

A great sales team does not happen by accident. It is a process that begins the moment you decide to bring on new talent. From crafting an ad to conducting final interviews, this process should not be taken for granted. To land the best applicants, there’s no room for error. Remember, the sales pros you […]

Making Motivation Last

As all sales managers know, motivation can be a fleeting thing. Some days, your reps are inspired to achieve more. They are engaged, laughing on sales calls, and there’s a spring in their step as they traverse the office, guiding meetings with insight and outlining new processes for the betterment of the team. If only […]

Tips to Attract Highly Qualified Salespeople

As the sales environment continues to evolve, the process of attracting the right candidates has become more complex. While simple classified ads once sufficed to find active job seekers, today’s market is far too competitive, and the right candidates may already be comfortably employed. In addition to finding applicants with the right personality and experience […]

How to Onboard New Remote Sales Reps

Among the changes brought about by working remotely, an organization’s process of onboarding remote sales pros must be updated. Just as sales professionals had to revise and refine their selling skills to include virtual, sales managers need to revamp their onboarding to make sure remote salespeople receive the support they need. Gone are the days […]

How to Interview and Hire Remote Salespeople

The coronavirus pandemic changed the way sales organizations do business, and it’s clear these changes will stay with us for at least the near future, if not forever. One of these changes as been the need to interview and hire sales reps who can not only work remotely, but they also must know how to […]

How to Spot Your Next Sales Manager

Many sales organizations have a tendency to promote their highest-performing rep to manager. The thinking is simple. Let your best player show others what they do, and you’ll have a team of MVPs. However, as any basketball fan can tell you, Michael Jordan and LeBron James would make terrible coaches. Though they possess the most […]

Managing Sales Teams Remotely

One of the benefits of having a remote sales team is members can work from anywhere in the world and focus efforts on different regions of the market. While sales teams of the past have often been in-person only, many organizations have shifted to a hybrid setup (remote and in-person), and others will evolve into […]