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Salesperson or Trusted Advisor: What’s the Difference?

“We have the best product in the industry, beat the competition’s price, and we still lost the business.” This is a gripe we hear from even the most experienced salespeople. In the modern sales environment, the best product does not always win. And the lowest price does not always get the deal done. What trumps […]

Do Your Customers Feel Appreciated?

Today, most calendars list appreciation days for everyone and everything. Cat appreciation (August 7). Dog appreciation (August 26). Llamas (December 9). Teachers, nurses, customers (May 3, May 6, April 18). That’s right. We should appreciate customers on April 18, but do we take them for granted the rest of the year? Sellers should appreciate customers […]

Why Creating a Great Product is Only Half the Battle

When Og, chief cutter of square, stone wheels, accidentally chiseled a round wheel, he had no idea what he’d done. Only later, fitting the round wheels to his cart, did he realize the benefit. However, it still took the painstaking efforts of Ug, Grr, and Arg to bring his invention to market. And so, it […]

The Light Touch of Selling

In pop culture, salespeople are often portrayed as unscrupulous, money-hungry manipulators. Of course, this is not only offensive; it’s also patently false for professional sellers! However, one lesson of the pandemic is that hard-sell techniques will not work. In uncertain times, buyers cannot be bullied or cajoled into spending money on things they don’t need. […]

Overcoming the Top 6 Client Objections

One certainty for salespeople is that, at some point, they will handle objections. With the number of decision makers continuing to rise, sellers know they will likely encounter the sticky cog in the wheel, the lone holdout to a solution, even after everyone else gets on board. In deals ranging from the transactional to the […]

How Sales Jobs Will Change in the Future

We’ve all heard and read…and heard and read….and heard and read how selling is changing.  So why do so many sales reps continue to sell like they were in 2001? Because no company wants to think they are behind the times. But the good old days of flipping open your Rolodex (or CRM) calling your best customer […]