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Gaining Trust in Financial Services

You don’t need to be J.P. Morgan to predict that higher interest rates will lead to more expensive borrowing, increased uncertainty, and credit risks that we haven’t seen in over a decade. When markets become uncertain, resources are managed more cautiously. For bankers, financial advisors, and business development officers, generating new business becomes more complicated. […]

Working Smarter, Not Harder

As a sales leader, you may sometimes find yourself wondering what’s changed with enterprise B2B sales? Your sales team is intelligent, dedicated, and motivated, yet sales have slowed, and the team is barely making progress toward their year-end sales goals. Overworking and underperforming was not part of the sales plan for 2022. The effort is […]

Selling in a Downturn

Headwinds. That’s the term that the CEOs of Salesforce and HubSpot describe the macroeconomic conditions for the second half of 2022. I’m not a sailor, but in the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt, “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” The headwinds these CEOs are alluding to mean softening demand and inflation. For sales organizations […]

Selling With Virtue

There is a selling crisis today, and it is not caused by a pandemic, inflation, or the great resignation. This crisis is causing sales professionals to struggle, lose sales, and harm their reputation. The crisis is a lack of trust from potential clients. Many sales professionals want to be considered “trusted advisors,” yet they self-sabotage […]

How to Turn Problems Into Opportunities

“We don’t have problems, we have opportunities.” That’s a line many sales leaders like to repeat as a form of motivation to their sales team. But before a problem can become an opportunity, you’ll need to find or create a solution to the problem. If you’re unable to follow through on that notion, you’re not […]

Salesperson or Trusted Advisor: What’s the Difference?

“We have the best product in the industry, beat the competition’s price, and we still lost the business.” This is a gripe we hear from even the most experienced salespeople. In the modern sales environment, the best product does not always win. And the lowest price does not always get the deal done. What trumps […]

Do Your Customers Feel Appreciated?

Today, most calendars list appreciation days for everyone and everything. Cat appreciation (August 7). Dog appreciation (August 26). Llamas (December 9). Teachers, nurses, customers (May 3, May 6, April 18). That’s right. We should appreciate customers on April 18, but do we take them for granted the rest of the year? Sellers should appreciate customers […]