The Sales Technology Conundrum

As salespeople, we frequently come across what looks like the latest in a series of game-changing, disruptive sales automation technologies. These innovative solutions promise to help companies sell faster, increase revenue per rep, and generate greater profits. As sales leaders, we love tech. But what are the limitations of technology, and can too much be […]

New LinkedIn Tools for Sales

“There is no reason to do anything, other than act like a media company in today’s digital age,” said Gary Vaynerchuk, five years ago. The cost and expertise required to produce content continue to drop, and now there is no reason for sales organizations and their sales reps not to be producing content. LinkedIn is […]

How to Execute an Effective B2B Social Selling Strategy

Social Selling has never been more popular. We all know the Kardashians can sell their products directly to consumers on social media, but what are the best B2B sales organizations and their sales reps doing with social midway through 2022? That’s the question we wanted to answer. In this article we gather the most recent […]

Best Practices for Virtual Selling

It’s been almost a year since we last wrote about virtual selling. In that time, companies have returned from COVID restrictions and virtual selling has since been fully entrenched into sales culture. It’s arrived and here to stay. This means it’s time to step up our virtual selling game if we want to outsell the […]

Leverage Your LinkedIn Company Page to Generate Demand

Have you ever wondered about the purpose of having a LinkedIn company page? For sales reps, it is a place to research prospects. For marketing professionals, it is another platform to build brand awareness. For HR types, it can be a job posting board. But for sales leaders, CEOs, and business owners, it can be […]

Leveraging LinkedIn as Part of Your Sales Process

If you are in sales, you are likely on LinkedIn. And if you are on LinkedIn, you’ve definitely seen promotions for LinkedIn courses and coaches. Today, there are plenty of LinkedIn gurus, who have “cracked the code” and want to help average sales reps transform into six and seven-figure superstars. I believe most coaches and […]

Our Top 5 Blogs of 2021

In sales, thought leadership is a crucial component of success. It’s part of an organization’s sales enablement strategy that primes reps to believe in and sell their products and services to the best of their ability. More importantly, content, such as blogs, white papers, and case studies, helps buyers see sales reps and their organizations […]

Social Selling Via LinkedIn

Is your LinkedIn social selling strategy based on FOMO (the fear of missing out)? FOMO is rarely a good reason to do anything in business. Especially if we are talking about social selling on LinkedIn. We all agree exposure on LinkedIn is important, but there can be a negative impact without a clear social selling strategy. Implementing a social […]

Justin Zappulla Discusses How to Improve Digital Sales on the Sales Reinvented Podcast

Today, there is no doubt digital selling is the present and future of sales and marketing. To be successful, sellers must connect with customers in new ways across a variety of media, such as digital presentations, videos, sales collateral, email campaigns, A.I. automation, and your CRM. Recently, Justin Zappulla, Managing Partner of Janek Performance Group, […]