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Why We Wrote the Ultimate Guide to Developing a High-Performance Sales Organization

The Ultimate Guide to Developing a High Performance Sales Organization

With global health emergencies, economic instability, and political animosity, these unprecedented times can feel like a carousel of uncertainty. However, for sales professionals, one thing provides security: the foundational pillars of a high-performing sales organization.

Janek Performance Group is an award-winning global leader in sales training and coaching. We have 17-years’ experience working with thousands of sales organizations in numerous industries and verticals. We know what makes top-performing organizations leaders in their space. Our new white paper, The Ultimate Guide to Developing a High-Performance Sales Organization, outlines these principles. And we have distilled this knowledge into six pillars:

  • Strategy and Go-to-Market: Establishes the goals, objectives, target markets, and delivery methods for your sales reps.
  • Customer Attributes: Identifies who your customers are, what they value, and how they make decisions on products and services.
  • Sales Process: Outlines the repeatable steps sales reps follow to turn unknown leads into loyal customers.
  • Sales Performance and Development: Defines the process of tracking, assessing, measuring, and utilizing sales performance data to boost output and achievement.
  • Talent and Motivation: Develops a system to attract, hire, motivate, and retain the top talent for your sales team.
  • Tech Enablement: Leverages an organization’s technology stack to get the most from your products, processes, and people

Of course, within each pillar are subdisciplines. Like sports cars, high-performing sales organizations are made of many interconnected moving parts working together. While the foundation is solid, the parts must change and grow with the times and technology.

For example, new markets and technology provide opportunity. Processes need refining, and sales professionals must adapt and adopt new skills. As a result, best practices change and develop. But despite unforeseen trials and tribulations, these pillars have held for as long as sellers have sold.

Over the years, Janek has developed an extensive, award-winning catalog of training and coaching programs. We have published countless blogs, case studies, white papers, and other collateral. And we’ve become a premier provider of sales training, coaching, talent assessment, and development in a crowded field. We have conducted far-ranging research, formed international partnerships, and established ourselves as pre-eminent thought leaders.

Why did we write a white paper on developing a high-performance sales organization? The answer is simple. Despite present challenges, our experience and expertise can help more sales organizations reach their potential. The time is right. The time is now. It’s time your sales organization becomes a leader in your field. Click the link below and check out The Ultimate Guide to Developing a High-Performance Sales Organization now.

In addition, to start transforming your organization, see our new proprietary Sales Performance Blueprint model. Be sure to follow up with our SalesAudit™, a free and self-guided assessment tool. This provides a comprehensive benchmark report with targeted recommendations you can implement immediately to improve your sales performance.

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