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Why We Wrote The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiation

The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiations

Top sellers know the sales landscape is constantly evolving. Economic fluctuations, developing technology, burgeoning new markets, not to mention global heath emergencies, all affect how we sell. As a result, the ways we negotiate must keep up. What worked ten, five, even two years ago may not be as effective today. These days, organizations are looking for better margins and focusing more on value. Those sales professionals who provide the most innovative solutions and offer their clients the best value for their money will win the sale and form the relationships that help companies grow. From our research into the best practices for successful negotiations, we complied our new white paper, The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiations.  

For many, the idea of negotiation is adversarial, one side winning and the other losing. However, The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiation views negotiation in relation to consultative selling, which emphasizes long-term relationships over short-term sales. Now, top sellers build negotiation into the sales process and work toward solutions that satisfy the needs of all. After all, it is only by working together that buyers and sellers can achieve their best outcomes. In addition, we show how the negotiation process must adapt to changes in the sales landscape, particularly regarding COVID-19 and the rise of selling virtually. As with prospecting, discovery, and closing, negotiating virtually requires a shift in perspective and adaptation of skills to keep the process congenial and productive.  

With its own process, negotiation can seem distinct from sales. Our guide shows how many of the skills, traits, and best practices of traditional selling can be utilized for negotiating in today’s landscape to achieve greater results for both buyers and sellers. In light of the unique challenges we face, The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiation is a timely addition to contemporary thought leadership that will prove beneficial to all levels of sales professionals. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for additional negotiation blogs on a variety of topics and download The Ultimate Guide to Sales Negotiation today.