Daimler Trucks North America

Industry: Motor Vehicle Manufacturer
Size of Company: 20,000 employees
Results: ROI after 90 days indicated a 601% increase

It was the summer of 2011 and two things were certain: the industrial equipment industry was experiencing sales volumes at historic lows and used truck values and their demand, were dropping. These uncontrollable factors were doing nothing to improve sales at Daimler, however, the company pinpointed an internal point of contact that was adversely affecting their bottom line – an interaction which could most certainly be controlled…but how?

Facing the Challenge

It turns out, that the point of first contact – a prospect calling the sales center for information – was a critical event in the sales process. These calls needed to shift in purpose from a simple question/answer dialogue to a brief, yet engaging interaction where the sales rep gains an initial understanding of needs and presents value to the customer. Daimler needed to identify a strategy and consistent selling process to quickly identify needs, qualify prospective customers and convert the highest potential level of new, telephone-based inquiries into sales center visits. No problem, right?

Enter Janek Performance Group

Up against stiff competition, Janek was selected to develop and deliver a customized version of its Critical TeleSelling™ Skills program. The ability to achieve buy-in from such an experienced sales team would be key to the program’s initial reception. The change required was significant, so gaining the trust of everyone involved and putting the Center Managers in a position to effectively coach to the skills following the training would be critical to the success of the initiative.

The Shocking Results

Janek designed a high-level scorecard that was simple yet robust for measuring performance 90 days following the training. This proved the program to be a winner as Daimler saw higher retention rates in their new skills than other types of training provided in the past. Return on Investment at 90 days following the training indicated a return of 601%.

Perhaps the most telling sign of the program’s long-term success is Daimler’s decision to integrate the dynamic and powerful workshop into the onboarding of new hires. They hope to continue with the newfound momentum, encouraging the notion of taking control of the initial contact with prospects to generate more interest in the value of the company’s products and converting more telephone inquiries into sales center visits.

Next Steps

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