Global Consumer Packaged Goods Company

Industry: Manufacturing
Size of Company: 5,000 employees
Results: Assessments prove; the sales team is enjoying much more substantial relationships with their customers, highlighted by deeper and more thorough communication.

The frustration was mounting. Numbers were declining and it was becoming clear that the Company could no longer keep up with competitors that could afford to buy market share. They would need to develop a different approach – one that leveraged their strengths in the marketplace, moreover, they would need to develop a new type of sales rep – one who could truly become a “trusted advisor” and business partner to customers.

What Was Missing

Relationships! The only card the Company had left to play was to make an attempt to gain market share by establishing a culture of relationships with its customers. To do so, the Company needed to provide its sales organization with relationship-building skills and more dynamic sales training. In order to implement long-term change across the board they would need to combat the broad range of styles and consider the short- and long-term training implementation plan.

Janek “Removes” the Roadblock

In this case, there were no problems to remove – only solutions to add. The Company needed to implement a real change in their sales operations. A change that was all-encompassing in scope and required resources and commitment at all levels of the organization – from the CEO to the sales professionals and everybody in-between.

A true partnership with Company stakeholders allowed Janek’s instructional design team the access and flexibility required to create a dynamic, impactful and truly one-of-a-kind program. When all was said and done, every person participated in the training – from the EVP to the newly-hired sales reps, demonstrating the buy-in and investment of the entire organization. The entire Company sales team learned to speak the same language.

The Impressive Outcome

Through Janek’s detailed, highly-customized and practical training program, sales reps began to understand the concept of the “trusted advisor” – the objective thought process that is required, and the skills necessary to be viewed and valued as such. As a result, the sales team is experiencing more wins, and the Company is moving forward in a climate of excitement, purpose and growth.

“Our folks are acting differently,” said the Director of Talent Development. “And it shows the success of the Janek program at our company.”

Next Steps

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