Critical Negotiation Skills

Learn how to negotiate by mastering techniques designed to handle even the most difficult negotiations.


Rethink how you negotiate with Critical Negotiation Skills

In today’s complex and hyper-competitive markets, the ability of companies to negotiate effectively with customers and suppliers is critical. Companies must avoid being outmatched as their customers and suppliers seek to gain full advantage in all aspects of a deal and a business relationship. To succeed over time, companies must lead negotiations with a win-win mindset and method that results in mutually beneficial outcomes.

Critical Negotiation Skills (CNS) is a purpose-built and research-based program for modern negotiations. The CNS method is artfully crafted to achieve win-win outcomes while maximizing one party’s benefits yet still satisfying the other party. CNS offers a robust model based on two Core Principles (Trust, Value) and four Negotiation Stages (Prepare, Open, Trade, Conclude).