Hubspot q&a’s Janek Performance Group Managing Partner Nick Kane

Nick Kane, one of the Managing Partners of Janek Performance Group, was interviewed and quoted in a recent post on Hubspot’s Sales Blog in which they sought out leading sales training companies to share their best advice to sales reps in a variety of topics. Hubspot’s blog post can be read here. Below is a transcript of the entire q&a:

Does Janek train any sales methodologies in particular?
All of Janek’s training programs incorporate their own distinct methodologies. These methodologies are all based on Janek’s on-going, sustained research efforts in the marketplace. Our flagship program is Critical Selling® Skills which is powered by Janek’s Critical Selling® Skills Model; a four-step, consultative approach to selling.

How does your company approach sales training? What is the process you teach reps?
Janek approaches sales training through the lens of research, relevancy and focus on ROI. Where many sales training companies offer methodology and curriculum that has not changed in 20+ years, Janek’s programs are consistently improved and updated as needed based on our on-going and concerted research effort. This ensures the programs we provide to sales professionals remain innovative and current.

By researching the skills and behaviors of top-performing sales professionals across numerous verticals and basing our programs on these consistencies, we are able to ensure our clients receive some of the highest returns in the marketplace.

The process in which we train reps is very prescriptive. Based on the needs of each of our clients, we recommend and design a training process that assures quick implementation of the skills and behaviors taught during training in the real world.

The biggest mistake most companies make when training reps is – ?
Like any competitive sport, effective salesmanship takes time and on-going practice. In many cases, organizations make the mistake of not taking the time to plan the training implementation well enough and think about the overarching support plan that is required before, during, and after the training. They fail to gain executive buy-in. They fail to get managers up to speed prior to the training engagement and champion the program. They fail to establish early adopters who will support the change. They often miss the opportunity to inform their reps in advance about the purpose of the training and what it will be all about. By developing the right training implementation plan and viewing training as a process as opposed to an event, organizations increase their likelihood of success tremendously.

The most important piece of advice you give to reps is – ?
Stay true to the process. Your customers will take you to different places during your sales interactions and as sales professionals we must always know where we are and maintain a clear path to where we want to end up. Focus on the steps that are necessary and maintain control of the conversation. If you get caught up and don’t stay true to the process you’re going to find yourself advancing the sales process too quickly, not fast enough, working with the wrong people, etc. This will hurt your chances to close and build lasting relationships.