Janek Managing Partners Appointed

New Release: Janek Managing Partners Appointed

Janek Performance Group Eyes Expansion with the Naming of Managing Partners

LAS VEGAS, September 6th, 2012—Janek Performance Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Nick Kane and Justin Zappulla as Managing Partners of Janek Performance Group. Mr. Kane and Mr. Zappulla will assume increased day-to-day operational management and strategic planning responsibilities.

Previously Mr. Kane served as the Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Janek where he supervised all aspects of the sales and marketing efforts across the range of Janek’s products and services. Prior to promotion, Mr. Zappulla was Janek’s Senior Vice President of Client Services and Learning & Development Manager, and was responsible for the entire scope of customer delivery and fulfillment of projects.

The elevation of Mr. Kane and Mr. Zappulla to the executive level of the company marks an exciting time of change for Janek. The new Managing Partners will serve as the catalysts for the corporation’s expansion of its product and service offerings, as well as key initiatives to gain an even greater understanding of sales performance excellence.

Mr. Kane and Mr. Zappulla will lead the corporation in further partnering with organizations that are striving to realize a greater return on investment from their sales efforts.

The promotions were effective September 4th, 2012.

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New Release: New Website Launch

Janek Performance Group Elevates its Presence in the Sales Training Industry with Launch of Innovative and ‘Educational’ New Website

LAS VEGAS, NV, May 13, 2013—Janek Performance Group will launch its new company website, completely devoted to the service and education of new and existing sales performance clients, on Monday, May 13, 2013.

Aside from the many aesthetic improvements, the website features new service and product offerings with the addition of the Janek XFactor, and a robust new Resource Library, chockfull of sales performance thought leadership including white papers, case studies, an all new blog and other helpful resources.

The new website also serves to underline recent leadership changes for the company. Last fall, longtime Janek contributors Nick Kane and Justin Zappulla were appointed to Managing Partners. Since the appointment, the pair has been serving as catalysts for the corporation’s aforementioned expansion of its product and service offerings, as well as key initiatives to gain an even greater understanding of sales performance excellence.

“The launch of the new site is symbolic of the change and growth Janek has experienced in the past few years. It is significant for us on many levels, but the one I’m most excited about is the redefinition of the customer experience – the site provides a wealth of information and true education on a level that we had not been able to achieve previously,” said Managing Partner, Nick Kane.

Visit Janek Performance Group’s new website at www.janek.com

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USA Today Article

Great article from USA Today reinforcing the need to invest in the sales staff you already have. In other words, good salespeople are hard to find…but easy to train!