Janek Performance Group Mentioned in CSO Insights Blog

Janek Performance Group was recently mentioned in a blog post by Jim Dickie on the CSO Insights Blog.

Jim’s blog post provides an overview of CSO Insights’ 2014 Sales Management Optimization study, in which Janek’s Critical Selling® Skills program was praised by Sherry Thomas Palmer of Alliant Credit Union, a Janek client and one of the sales professionals who was surveyed for the study.

The below article has been reposted with permission form CSO Insights:

How are You Coping with the Moving Target?

Sales and Marketing are changing faster today than we have ever seen. How prospects find us, how they buy, and what they expect from sales reps is dramatically different than it was 2 years ago. And it’s still changing.

As part of CSO Insights 2014 Sales Management Optimization (SMO) study, in which we surveyed over 1,200 sales organizations worldwide, one of the topics we focused on was understanding the key challenges that sales teams are having to deal with today. In reviewing the survey findings with our advisory board, one set of metrics caught everyone’s attention. That was the amount of “change” that our sales people are being bombarded with.

The following chart summarizes the responses we received when we asked the study participants to tell us what the rate of change was that their sales force was having to deal with in the following areas:

Rate of Change Impacting Sales Teams

What is clear as we consider this chart is that the sales ecosystem we live in is a very fragile one, where sales organizations need to constantly adapt how they effectively engage customers and prospects. When we further asked the SMO study participants to tell us how effective they were adapting sales tactics to change, only 7.2% stated that this was something they excelled at.

As we look forward to 2015, where for the vast majority of us, revenue targets will be increasing, we should be asking ourselves “Are we up to the challenge, if “how” we sell must be adapted to the new realities of effectively engaging clients? And if the answer is not a decisive “Yes” then should you be turning to others for help?

We recently talked to Sherry Thomas Palmer, Senior National Manager – Branch Sales & Service for Alliant Credit Union, who shared insights into what her organization is doing to optimize the effectiveness of sales people:

“To reach our goals of superior service and value for our members, we needed to improve our frontline and management employees’ sales and service skills. Janek’s Critical Selling® Skills program was the roadmap to our destination.

Our journey began five years ago when we created a “need-based sales” culture. We partnered with Janek Performance Group to create and customize a consultative sales process that focused on service and relationships through conversations with our members to produce sales.

Most recently, incorporating the new Critical Selling® Skills program has been a fantastic learning experience; helping our managers and employees approach sales from a different perspective that has helped us better meet the growing needs of our members. It is the most comprehensive, easy to understand and complete program we have introduced to date. The ability to customize the approach and its up updated selling skills platform are not only helping us meet our current goals, they are positioning us for future success as well.”

The message is clear that anticipating changes in the sales environment is a critical success factor for today’s sales management. Getting help, as Alliant Credit Union did, will pay off now and in the future.