RELEASE: Update to Critical Selling Skills Program


Sales Performance Leader, Janek Performance Group Releases an Update to Its Critical Selling® Skills Training Program 

LAS VEGAS, NV, August 7, 2014—Janek Performance Group, a global provider of sales performance solutions, has released an updated and enhanced version of one of its core sales training programs, Critical Selling® Skills. Changes to the program were driven by an extensive two-year research effort carried out by Janek with the objective to continue to stay ahead of the latest sales trends and maximize results for its clients.

As the marketplace continues to evolve and pose new challenges for sales professionals at all levels, it is crucial to keep abreast of what top sales performers do in terms of skills, best practices and processes to produce the greatest possible results. Although Janek maintains a continuous research effort, the current changes to its Critical Selling Skills program required a broader, more strategic and concerted approach. Janek leveraged the expertise of an outside market research firm that conducted client interviews across 12 industry verticals to gather a variety of qualitative and quantitative data. In addition, Janek directly surveyed over 1700 sales and sales management professionals across a multitude of selling environments to gain further insight. Once the data was distilled and organized, the findings were validated against some of the most well-revered sales research companies in the marketplace, including CSO Insights, Aberdeen Group, CMO, CLO Media, and

The research effort Janek conducted identified the following key findings.

  • How buyers research, evaluate, and make purchasing decisions has evolved. Most buyers are more educated about the products and services available in the marketplace and know more before they connect with a sales professional.
  • Buyers have higher expectations when engaging with a sales professional. Now that buyers know more before engaging with a sales professional, they expect the interaction to provide additional value. They want sales professionals who are educated, prepared and who can provide additional value beyond the information they were already able to gather.

In addition to sales methodology updates to address the key findings found in the research,  Janek implemented a new learning design model, XFactor™ in order to improve the learning environment.  XFactor™ is a highly-impactful learning design model that organizes content into three key areas: strategy, skills and best practices. When combined, these aptitudes speed up learning and help sales professionals retain knowledge for a longer period of time, while avoiding information overload.

“As one of the leading global sales training providers, our job is to ensure that each client gets the best return on their training investment,” says Nick Kane, Managing Partner at Janek Performance Group. “Therefore, as a result of our ongoing effort to research new trends in the market and detect some of the biggest needs, demands and concerns of our clients, we have upgraded and dramatically improved our core program Critical Selling® Skills. We are excited to see the results these updates will deliver for our clients.”

Recognized by Selling Power Magazine as a Top 20 Sales Training Company in the United States, Janek Performance Group continues to make an impact and create innovative training solutions for their rapidly increasing roster of clients.

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