Critical Prospecting Skills

May 29, 2024 - May 30, 2024 Virtual Online


Janek Online Sales Training Workshop
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Online / Live Instructor Training

Workshop is conducted over two consecutive days in 2, 4-hour blocks.

Workshop Benefits

  • Identify high-quality opportunities
  • Create concise value messaging
  • Develop a personal brand
  • Achieve sustainable prospecting success

Rethink how you prospect with Critical Prospecting Skills.

Today’s marketplace requires smarter, more efficient targeted prospecting and qualifying that fills the pipeline with quality prospects. To reach modern customers, your team needs Critical Prospecting Skills.

Critical Prospecting Skills is a proven prospecting methodology that teaches sales professionals to consistently reach, qualify, and interact with viable prospects in order to keep the pipeline well-stocked and achieve your sales goals.

Key Benefits of the Training Program

Key benefits of Critical Prospecting Skills

After completing this program, your sales team will be able to:

  • Achieve sustainable prospecting success by using a proven prospecting approach
  • Increase prospecting effectiveness by pursing high-value prospects and keeping the sales pipeline full
  • Gain access to more prospects by using skills and best practices to identify prospecting sources and gain referrals
  • Increase interest by delivering compelling value messages that resonate with prospects
  • Expertly secure and execute successful first meetings with prospects to gain interest and move the opportunity forward
  • Maximize prospecting effectiveness through personal branding, networking, and managing online presence
Program Objectives of the Training Program

Program Objectives of Critical Prospecting Skills

Program objectives include:

  • Identify common prospect sources and determine the characteristics of a high-value prospect
  • Prioritize prospecting efforts through gaining critical prospect data
  • Create concise value messaging to pique prospect interest
  • Develop effective qualifying questions to identify high-quality opportunities
  • Effectively make contact with prospects by delivering an effective communication framework
  • Create a strong personal brand that helps ensure a sustainable positive image
  • Recognize in-person and online networking opportunities to increase prospecting efforts

Maximize Your Sales Training Investment

Sales Coaching

Personalized Sales Coaching

No one ever became a champion without a great coach. Janek sales coaches provide personalized guidance to take your team’s performance to the next level.

Our personalized sales coaching program will support sustainment and reinforcement of the skills provided in the training workshop over time. The coaching will focus on skill implementation on real-life deals and can delivered through group or one-one sessions. Janek coaches provide real-world, real-time guidance to make an immediate impact and support long-term results.


  • Receive guidance and support from an expert Janek sales coach
  • Turn skills learned in the training into long-term behaviors
  • Improve close rates on deals you are currently working
  • Accelerate your sales process and close deals faster
  • Better handle difficult situations with managers, colleagues and sales support team members

What’s included:

  • Personalized coaching sessions with a Janek sales coach (bi-weekly coaching calls)
  • Availability to connect with your Janek sales coach via email for up to 6 months
  • Access to rich library of Janek sales content and other assets
  • Exclusive offers on future Janek training events

The following coaching plans can be used one-on-one or for your team and are available as part of the registration process. Monthly pricing is shown.

3-Month Plan (6 Calls)
$1500  $950
6-Month Plan (12 Calls)
$1500  $900
12-Month Plan (24 Calls)
$1500  $850
Virtual Instructor-Led Sales Training

Xpert™ Reinforcement

At Janek, we understand how critical it is to turn new skills into long lasting behaviors. To really make sales training stick, you’ll need to implement an effective sales training reinforcement strategy with practical tools you and your sellers will use. Our online reinforcement solution, Janek Xpert™ has been tested and proven to increase sales training retention by up to 170% and is an app specifically developed for busy sales professionals.


  • Proven to increase retention of sales training concepts by up to 170%
  • Reinforcement questions and content conveniently delivered to your inbox every few days
  • Varity of content provided (articles, infographics, etc.) to support knowledge retention and learning
  • Apps available for Apple and Android that sync across all devices allowing for convenience and ease of access
  • Limited time needed (3 minutes every few days) for long-term sales skill reinforcement

What’s included:

  • Track of scenario-based questions delivered every few days
  • Access to rich content that supports sales skill development and reinforcement
  • Social platform allows you to connect with colleagues that went through the training
  • Manager reporting allows for visibility to coaching opportunities
  • Free apps available for Apple and Android devices

Included with Workshop Purchase

Janek Xpert for Critical Prospecting Skills
$395  $0