May 4, 2021 - May 4, 2021 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm Online


Janek Online Sales Training Workshop
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Online / Live Instructor Training

Selling Virtually™

  • Create a dynamic virtual selling space
  • Develop a Personal Brand
  • Prospect and sell in a virtual environment
  • Enhance virtual presentations

Rethink how you connect with clients virtually.

Virtual selling is here to stay. Sales professionals must quickly master a new skillset and a new set of best practices to establish advantage and win more in modern B2B and B2C selling situations. Sales professionals must create an effective virtual stage and apply virtualized approaches to engage customers and prospects with the same professionalism and success as in-person interactions.

Selling Virtually is research-based and purpose-built to enable robust virtual selling skills that boost productivity, enhance sales effectiveness, energize customer engagement, extend new and existing relationships, and achieve better sales outcomes. Selling Virtually is appropriate for all sales roles in all industries anywhere in the world. Additionally, it is appropriate for any customer-facing role and any role with customer touchpoints.

Key benefits of Selling Virtually

After completing this program, your sales team will be able to:

  • Immediately apply virtualized best practices to a variety of customer situations
  • Create a virtual stage to amplify effectiveness with customers
  • Build rapport and trust without relying on in-person meetings
  • Engage and persuade customers with virtualized differentiation
  • More confidently sell to customers in a virtual environment
  • More effectively extend influence with customers and prospects
  • Blend a hybrid approach to virtual and in-person selling

Program objectives of Selling Virtually

  • Self-assess with the Selling Virtually Readiness Diagnostic
  • Establish and maintain an effective stage that fully enables virtual selling
  • Enhance customer experience and engagement while building virtual rapport and trust
  • Understand the essentials and advantages of selling virtually and its impact on sales outcomes
  • Strengthen skills to plan, discover, present, and engage in a virtual ecosystem
  • Amplify influence with value-based insights and dynamic virtual sales calls