Warner Pacific

Warner Pacific Utilizes Janek Sales Training in a Post-ACA World to Improve Sales Performance

Warner Pacific sought a sales training partner who could offer fully customized training to enable their tenured sales staff to navigate the changing landscape introduced by the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and address client concerns over changing offerings and high healthcare costs.

Following conversations with sales leadership and reps, current and past customers, and other stakeholders, Janek gained full fluency in Warner Pacific’s sales processes and challenges, facilitating the design and delivery of a customized and holistic sales training solution.

About Warner Pacific

Warner Pacific, California and Colorado’s top general agency, is a third-party administrator that provides support services to insurance agents for benefits and health insurance carriers. The company specializes in small group products with enrollment of under 100 members.

The Challenge

Warner Pacific realized that for the first time in their company’s 30 year history, they needed to identify a partner who would help their staff of 50 tenured sales reps receive training to navigate the changing post-ACA landscape and address client concerns about changing offerings and health care’s high cost.

The Solution

Janek conducted deep research to understand both Warner Pacific and the industry, conversing with sales leadership and reps, current and past customers, and other stakeholders to gain complete fluency in industry-specific language, customs, and common sales situations and obstacles.

The investigation revealed that a customized Critical Selling Skills workshop would best meet Warner Pacific’s needs, leading to live-classroom training facilitated by one of Janek’s senior sales trainers.

The Results

Results demonstrated the initiative was a massive success and well-received by both Warner Pacific’s sales leadership and participants alike – further details of which are found below.

90-Day Post-Training Results

860 %
96 %
100 %
Warner Pacific Case Study

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