How to Engage the Empowered B2B Buyer

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How to Engage the Empowered B2B Buyer: Four Key Selling Skills Salespeople Need to Win Deals

In today’s digital marketplace, buyers are more informed than ever before. As a result, sales professionals need to hone current selling skills and develop new ones, preparing to shift to a consultative model.

No longer is it enough to merely know the client and their needs, or to simply accept whatever the buyer wants. Salespeople will now have to help customers make decisions that are in the clients’ best interest – even if it means walking away from a deal. As a corollary, sales professionals need to have in-depth knowledge and awareness of the marketplace – not only in terms of target market need and desires, but alternative competitors.

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  • How to identify and express insights about buyers’ business situations
  • How to differentiate your product from the competition through deep knowledge of the possible alternatives
  • How to ask the right questions to hold a consultative discussion with clients
  • The importance of handling customer objections and resistance appropriately and in ways that strengthen the relationship
  • How to determine which and how many of the four major types of sale roles your business needs