Sales Performance Solutions for the Telecommunications Industry

Selling in the telecommunications industry, you’re aware of the tremendous competition in today’s marketplace. With this increased competition, it is critical to not just sell on the solutions themselves – you need to sell on the value you provide. That includes demonstrating the qualities of a Trusted Advisor who helps buyers see new possibilities and new realities to improve their businesses, careers, and lives. It also means being able to translate complex telco jargon into simple, easy to understand language for buyers.

At Janek, we understand the complex challenges and issues of the telecommunications industry and can tailor a solution to help you meet and address these obstacles.



We specialize in improving sales performance through a number of services including:

Sales Training

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Sales Coaching

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Sales Consulting

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Talent Management

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A Smarter Way to Scale a SaaS Technology Sales Force

White Paper: A Smarter Way to Scale a SaaS Technology Sales Force

Fast growing technology and telecommunications companies often find themselves under pressure to sustain momentum and beat their numbers. To achieve these goals, they need to quickly scale-up their sales force while increasing productivity. Through our research and experience here at Janek Performance Group, we’ve captured important lessons that we want to share with you in this white paper.