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We implement proven sales performance training and sales consulting solutions that are customized to the challenges and culture of your organization, driving results that speak for themselves. We all want to be top performers — we invite you to rethink how.

From SMB to enterprise – top organizations trust Janek.

Janek delivers measurable business impact.*

*Janek 2023 Average Sales Training Client Results. Result May Vary.

1188 %
0.93 Months
9.86 %
98.12 %

Janek works. Here’s how.

We leverage decades of research and experience to help clients measurably improve sales. Our methodology is anchored by four basic principles.

A wide-angle view yields precision solutions.

We start with a holistic approach, asking the right questions to understand your sales challenges from every angle. Then we implement solutions that solve root-cause issues.

These aren’t just ideas. They’re facts.

Our methods work because they’re based on a continuously updated body of research that’s been battle-tested in the field. This isn’t another sales philosophy — it’s science.

In sales, one size never fits all.

We tailor our solutions to the needs of each client, adapting to differences in business, culture, and language. With Janek, change is embraced because it is done with you, not to you.

Lasting change requires follow-through.

The true measure of a sales performance training program is next year’s results. We follow through with technology tools and coaching services to ensure effective behavioral changes endure long after training ends.

Hear what our clients say about us.

“Bringing Janek into the picture for our inside sales team was an opportunity for them to understand that there’s a different conversation that needs to be held with customers.”

Micheal Robinson, Operations Manager
McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

“We got a ton of valuable information, a ton of valuable tools from going through this training process and implementing the training that Janek gave us.”

Christine McKinney, Manager, Inside Sales Department

Awards & Honors

Top Sales Training Company
11x Winner

Top 20 Online Sales Training
2020 – 2023

Top 20: 8x Winner
Watchlist: 5x Winner

Sales Training: 9x
Sales Consulting: 6x

Sales Performance
2021 – Silver
2020 – Bronze

Our Sales Performance Training and Coaching Services

Strengthen your sales force with Janek by your side. We’re passionate about advising clients in planning, developing, implementing and maintaining premium performance solutions that meaningfully impact their operations. This mission is propelled through our vast service offerings, allowing our cutting-edge team of professionals to address a wide range of company needs. Our library of sales performance training programs is thoughtfully developed using the industry’s latest research, and we can adapt its scope to meet your sector, culture and language requirements.

We’re proud to deliver our training services in various ways, including On-site, Virtually and Blended or through Train-the-Trainer channels. Our detailed ATLAS training approach guides our work as we provide organizations with the following services:

Sales Training

Equip your sales team with the practical information and skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing sales landscape.

Sales Consulting

Leverage our proven Sales Performance Blueprint model to obtain effective recommendations and generate long-term success.

Sales Coaching

Acquire personalized guidance in key business areas to boost your operational performance and take your business to the next level.

Talent Management

Hire the right people for the job with our unique sales assessments, competencies and hiring support, ensuring you confidently handle every part of the hiring process.

Your Go-To Sales Performance Training Company

Rethink the way you sell with Janek by your side. We’re an award-winning sales performance company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. We leverage our years of experience to effectively address the performance needs of nationwide businesses of all kinds, from startups to Fortune 100 organizations. Our extensive track record of delivering premium training experiences, exceptional ROI and incredible operational improvements positions our team as one of the finest sales training companies in the industry.

We understand that all businesses want to be top performers. With our unwavering commitment to results-driven solutions, we help companies take the next step toward a better way to sell. Working with our team of professionals, you’ll take advantage of unique benefits such as:

  • Tailored services: We recognize that every business is different, and we customize our training programs to address specific challenges that drive the change you’re searching for.
  • Exhaustive attention: Our team applies a holistic view across your entire business to identify the origins of your problem, using advanced technology and strategies to streamline performance.
  • Research-based methods: We’ve established a successful reputation for success using proven strategies backed by reliable data and statistics to give you the most value for your money.
The Ultimate Guide to Developing a High Performance Sales Organization

The Ultimate Guide to Developing a High-Performance Sales Organization

As a sports car is the integration of several diverse systems working seamlessly together, a high-performing sales organization is similarly complex. From the processes to products, to customers and sales reps, to assessment and technology, high performance is never an accident.

While drivers need not understand the systems to feel the thrill, sales leaders must update, refine, and re-engineer to maintain peak performance. From our experience and research into how top-performing sales teams work, we have assembled this white paper to share the foundational pillars of success.