Janek Xpert: Sales Training Reinforcement

Reinforce and sustain content learned in Janek sales training workshops with just a few minutes per week.

Turn newly acquired knowledge into lasting behaviors

To really make sales training stick, implement an effective sales training reinforcement strategy with practical tools that your sellers will use. Janek Xpert™ provides a radical new way to boost your sales force’s success in just a few minutes per week. Xpert has been tested and proven to increase sales training retention by up to 170% and is an app specifically developed for busy sales professionals.

Learners take three minutes every few days to complete a simple, scenario-based Q&A challenge on their tablet, phone, or computer to reinforce and apply key best practices learned during Janek workshops. This gamification approach harnesses your salespeople’s competitive drive, resulting in strong user engagement, while real-time analytics and leaderboards keep you up to date on the learning and reinforcement progress of your team.

Key benefits for Sales Reps

  • Non-disruptive to sales’ busy schedule. Xpert is easy to access, anywhere, via any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • it’s fast, effective and only takes a few minutes to complete every other day.
  • Janek Xpert keeps core messages and content acquired during sales training top of mind.
  • Gamification harnesses a sales’ competitive drive and makes Janek Xpert fun and engaging.
  • Supplemental content provides further context to ensure understanding and enhance learning.

Key benefits for Sales Manager

  • Xpert delivers real-time insight into the capabilities of your sales team via analytics and dashboards.
  • Maximizes the return on investment of the sales enablement and training investments.
  • Addresses targeted coaching opportunities and confidence indicators.
  • Access to analytics and dashboards help track performance.
  • Comes with a built-in video coaching feature, ideal for remote sales teams

What Janek Xpert users are saying

Xpert Testimonial

I love the opportunity to reflect on my learning at the training workshop while also practicing with my team in the field. The frequency of questions works for my schedule and having points awarded keeps me on my toes.

Holly Sherrard
District Sales Manager, KAO
Janek Xpert

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Janek Xpert™ FAQ

How does Janek Xpert™ work?

Janek Xpert™ is a turn-key sales skill reinforcement tool designed to deliver crucial information to sales staff in a convenient and effective way, without interrupting busy work schedules.

In a nutshell, Xpert™ works like this: Once enrolled, participants receive push notifications every other day via email and mobile app. They review and answer a question related to content absorbed during a recent Janek sales training workshop. They immediately find out if they chose the correct answer and have the option to review supplemental content related to the question. Points are awarded for each question, and a scoreboard lets participants know how they compare against their peers.

In addition, sales managers have access to a comprehensive dashboard that tracks progress of their entire staff to help identify coaching opportunities.

How was Janek Xpert™ developed?

Studies show that sales reps, even those with extensive market and product training, will forget up to 87% of new information within just a few months. Janek Xpert™ was developed at Harvard Medical School with the goal to improve long-term knowledge retention.

Who can enroll in Janek Xpert™?

Janek Xpert™ is a reinforcement solution that can be leveraged by anyone following attendance in one of Janek’s sales training courses.

Does Janek Xpert™ really help participants learn & remember?

Janek Xpert™ is an innovative learning system developed at Harvard Medical School that combines gaming with a scientifically proven methodology to boost long-term memory retention by up to 170%.