Talent Management to Find Your Sales Stars

Janek talent management services help you identify and land the best candidates for your sales roles.

Talent Management

Talent Management ensures long-term success & stability.

An organization needs top talent to have long-term sales success. Janek talent management services can help you with every step of the hiring process – from competencies identification to selection.

Our talent management program identifies the competencies needed for your roles and business situation, devises the right behavioral-based interview questions, and aids in individual candidate assessment and evaluation.

Janek talent management options

Sales Assessments

The next level of sales and sales management in sales hiring is in sales assessments. Our scientifically-validated program qualifies and scores candidates in identified competencies for specific roles.

Results are available via a web-based system that can be accessed any time, and competencies can be adjusted as the needs of your organization and its roles change.

Sales and Sales Management Competencies

Through an understanding of your company’s mission, values, culture, and key points of success, we craft customized competencies that are critical for your sales professionals and sales managers. These competencies will inform your benchmarking, evaluation, training and hiring decisions.

Hiring Process Support

In addition to competencies and sales assessments, Janek’s experienced team offers full-service hiring process support – including formulating job descriptions, providing behavioral-based questions that align with identified competencies, and assisting with the candidate evaluation process to ensure homerun hires.

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Talent Management FAQ

Who benefits from Janek’s Talent Management Services?

Janek’s Talent Management Services are ideal for sales organizations in transitional phases or that are looking to grow and expand. We can proactively support such business endeavors through targeted consulting engagements, talent assessments, and competency evaluations that provide clarity and focus.

Can Janek help in your search to find sales talent?

Janek supports sales organizations in streamlining and improving their hiring processes and provide the necessary “how-to” guidance and tools to make better and more effective hiring decisions.

We are not a recruitment and staffing agency that can connect you to a pool of qualified candidates.

Does Janek provide staff for your sales organization?

Janek is an award-winning provider of various sales performance services, including sales training, sales coaching, sales consulting, and talent management. We can help clarify and align your sales strategies, develop your onboarding processes to improve the success rate of newly hired employees, and provide custom sales training to help you achieve your desired objectives.

However, we are not an outsource partner that sells for or on your behalf.