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Selling to the C-Suite

Learn the unique skillset and mindset needed to successfully sell to the C-Suite

Rethink your C-Level sales approach with Selling to the C-Suite

Today’s C-Level Executives are busy, pragmatic people who value brevity and relevance to their larger mission – delivering results to stakeholders and shareholders. Accessing them is a grueling test of patience and endurance.

Tailored to the demands, needs, and desires of today’s C-Level executives, Selling to the C-Suite is a proven approach that teaches sales professionals key principles they need when the C-Suite is involved in the sales process.

Key benefits of Selling to the C-Suite

After completing this program, your sales team will be able to:

  • Differentiate oneself as a Trusted Partner to the C-Suite
  • Adopt best practices for quickly engaging with and selling to the C-Suite, recognizing C-Suite needs are unique to the position
  • Develop a personal brand for working with the C-Suite that builds interest, trust, and credibility
  • Create an action plan to increase your Trusted Partner effectiveness when working with the C-Suite

Program Objectives of Selling to the C-Suite

Program objectives include:

  • Determine the right mindset and skillset to move from being a Trusted Advisor to Trusted Partner to the C-Suite
  • Recognize the critical differences between selling to the C-Suite vs. other levels within an organization
  • Explore critical best practices for selling to the C-Suite, with a keen focus on what’s most important to the C-Suite audience
  • Identify the essentials for building a Personal Brand that differentiates one as a Trusted Partner and resonates with the C-Suite
  • Create an action plan to enhance one’s effectiveness in selling to the C-Suite

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Download the Selling to the C-Suite Brochure

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More information about the Selling to the C-Suite program is available in this downloadable PDF