Sales Performance Solutions for the Consumer Goods & Retail Industries

Whether you’re a sales rep in consumer goods or retail, you’re aware of how much the market has changed. Beyond the obvious Internet and Amazon changes, mobile commerce is an ever-expanding footprint, and as always, consumer trends and tastes constantly change.

Other channels of competitors have arisen, such as Direct To Consumer (DTC) and subscription services, the latter of which creates a powerful inertia that’s difficult to overcome and influence buyers to change. Gaining shelf space, differentiating from competitors, gaining access to the right people and preserving price points all remain top priorities in this industry.

At Janek, we understand the altered landscape of consumer goods and retail and tailor a solution to help your organization meet and address the obstacles and issues you face.


We specialize in improving sales performance through a number of services including:

Sales Training

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Sales Coaching

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Sales Consulting

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Talent Management

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Cartier Case Study

Case Study: Consumer Goods & Retail

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