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Critical TeleSelling® Skills

Learn how to engage modern customers over the phone by becoming a “Trusted Advisor” and mastering skills to handle the most challenging over-the-phone sales scenarios.

Ring Up better sales with Critical TeleSelling Skills.

Telesales in today’s market isn’t easy. Buyers are sophisticated and often wary of telesales professionals. That’s why you need Critical TeleSelling Skills.

Critical TeleSelling Skills is a proven sales methodology that teaches sales professionals who sell over the phone, how to establish connections, build relationships and trust, close confidently, create value in their offerings, and dramatically improve their sales effectiveness with modern customers.

Key benefits of Critical TeleSelling Skills

After completing this program, your sales team will be able to:

  • Gain the skills and confidence to expertly handle both outbound and inbound calls to create a positive sales interaction
  • Quickly create connections and build trust with customers – using a consultative approach
  • Build stronger, longer-lasting customer relationships by adding value to the sales interaction
  • Achieve the coveted status of “Trusted Advisor” and exceed customer expectations
  • Win more business by quickly uncovering what is most important to the customer and persuasively presenting the right solution(s)
  • Reduce and overcome objections from customers by adopting a proven approach

Program Objectives of Critical TeleSelling Skills

Program objectives include:

  • Determine the difference between a typical sales professional and a “Trusted Advisor”
  • Confidently open sales calls, create rapport, engage the customer, and set a positive tone for the sales interaction
  • Utilize a focused questioning methodology to thoroughly uncover customer needs and dig deeper in the sales discussion
  • Demonstrate effective vocal presence and utilize active listening skills to maintain customer engagement over the phone
  • Present solutions specifically tailored to customer needs – using a three-step framework to increase customer buy-in
  • Use a four-step closing process that leverages the momentum of the sales interaction to seamlessly move the process forward and win the sale
  • Handle objections using a four-step methodology designed to uncover and address the customer’s true concern while maintaining trust and credibility as a “Trusted Advisor”

Sales Training Delivery Options

Critical TeleSelling Skills can be delivered in a variety of ways:

Onsite Instructor-Led Sales Training

This classroom delivery option allows for a comprehensive learning environment equipped with role plays, case studies, group discussions, and other interactive activities enabling participants to easily transfer new skills from the classroom to the real world.

Virtual Instructor-Led Sales Training

Different from typical, self-paced e-learning environments, our online option is delivered by a live Janek facilitator, enabling participants to experience the same level of interaction they would in a physical classroom, utilizing technology.

Blended Training

This delivery method combines the ease of e-learning modules with traditional face-to-face teaching and allows participants to learn at their own pace while providing the benefits of group interaction and individual instruction.


Our Train-the-Trainer option will certify your internal training staff on the skills, processes, support tools, and methods necessary for the highest quality ongoing, internal delivery.

Janek’s training implementation approach

Our training implementation is guided by a proven world-class approach.


Hear what our clients say about us.

“Many companies out there just pull a training off the shelf that may not relate directly to their company. But in working with Janek Performance Group, they provided us with the customization, and the follow-through made a huge difference within our organization.”

Lisa Pearne, VP of Sales
California Casualty

“My expectations with working with Janek has been exceeded. I’ve been really happy with the partnership and it’s great to have them in my corner.”

Bret Nelson, Director of Sales Strategy
IHS Markit

Supporting services

Leverage the full scope of Janek’s solutions to drive immediate and long-term results. Contact us to learn more about these services.


Let us adapt this program for your team’s specific needs, industry, vocabulary, and culture.


Take advantage of our turn-key and hands-on training reinforcement solutions.


Validate training effectiveness in terms of performance improvement, business results,  and ROI.


Use a technology solution to reinforce training in a convenient and fun format.

Critical Teleselling Skills

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More information about the Critical TeleSelling Skills program is available in this downloadable PDF

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Critical TeleSelling® Skills FAQ

What type of ROI should we expect from Critical TeleSelling® Skills?

Janek’s entire suite of sales training services resulted in an average ROI of 650% during 2020. Our Critical TeleSelling program is ideal for any sales organization looking to boost its telemarketing and sales skills to sell over the phone.

What does “research based” mean in the context of Critical Selling® Skills? How often is it modernized?

Critical TeleSelling Skills is a proven, field-tested phone sales training program that imparts all the skills necessary to succeed in modern-day telesales environments.

My team is selling mostly over video calls. Is Critical TeleSelling® Skills right for them?

Absolutely. Whether your sales team is operating over video calls or using traditional telephones sales, Critical TeleSelling is invaluable. Telephone skills are universally applicable across every aspect of the sales process including video calls.

How does Critical TeleSelling® Skills differ from Selling Virtually™? Why choose one over the other?

Critical TeleSelling provides your sales organization with a consistent, repeatable framework alongside specific skills that train your team how to perform best when selling over the phone. Selling Virtually is an enhancement to any sales methodology and focuses more heavily on the skills necessary to engage and succeed in a virtual, digital ecosystem.

How will this course benefit our team of telemarketing sales professionals?

Effective telesales skills come from data-backed and field-proven sales training programs. Janek’s Critical TeleSelling skills framework has been developed based on industry research to provide your telesales team with the sales skills they need to succeed when selling over the telephone.