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Selling Virtually


Learn the strategies, skills, and best practices in the “new normal” of modern selling in a virtual ecosystem.

Rethink how you connect with customers virtually.

Virtual selling is here to stay. Sales professionals must quickly master a new skillset and a new set of best practices to establish advantage and win more in modern B2B and B2C selling situations. Sales professionals must create an effective virtual stage and apply virtualized approaches to engage customers and prospects with the same professionalism and success as in-person interactions.

Selling Virtually is research-based and purpose-built to enable robust virtual selling skills that boost productivity, enhance sales effectiveness, energize customer engagement, extend new and existing relationships, and achieve better sales outcomes. Selling Virtually is appropriate for all sales roles in all industries anywhere in the world. Additionally, it is appropriate for any customer-facing role and any role with customer touchpoints.

Key benefits of Selling Virtually

After completing this program, your sales team will be able to:

  • Immediately apply virtualized best practices to a variety of customer situations
  • Create a virtual stage to amplify effectiveness with customers
  • Build rapport and trust without relying on in-person meetings
  • Engage and persuade customers with virtualized differentiation
  • More confidently sell to customers in a virtual environment
  • More effectively extend influence with customers and prospects
  • Blend a hybrid approach to virtual and in-person selling

Program Objectives of Selling Virtually

Program objectives include:

  • Self-assess with the Selling Virtually Readiness Diagnostic
  • Understand the essentials and advantages of selling virtually and its impact on sales outcomes
  • Establish and maintain an effective stage that fully enables virtual selling
  • Strengthen skills to plan, discover, present, and engage in a virtual ecosystem
  • Enhance customer experience and engagement while building virtual rapport and trust
  • Amplify influence with value-based insights and dynamic virtual sales calls

Sales Training Delivery Options

Selling Virtually can be delivered in a variety of ways:

Onsite Instructor-Led Sales Training

This classroom delivery option allows for a comprehensive learning environment equipped with role plays, case studies, group discussions, and other interactive activities enabling participants to easily transfer new skills from the classroom to the real world.

Virtual Instructor-Led Sales Training

Different from typical, self-paced e-learning environments, our online option is delivered by a live Janek facilitator, enabling participants to experience the same level of interaction they would in a physical classroom, utilizing technology.

Blended Training

This delivery method combines the ease of e-learning modules with traditional face-to-face teaching and allows participants to learn at their own pace while providing the benefits of group interaction and individual instruction.


Our Train-the-Trainer option will certify your internal training staff on the skills, processes, support tools, and methods necessary for the highest quality ongoing, internal delivery.

Janek’s training implementation approach

Our training implementation is guided by a proven world-class approach.


Hear what our clients say about us.

“Bringing Janek into the picture for our inside sales team was an opportunity for them to understand that there’s a different conversation that needs to be held with customers.”

Michael Robinson, Operations Manager
McNaughton-McKay Electric Company

“We got a ton of valuable information, a ton of valuable tools from going through this training process and implementing the training that Janek gave us.”

Christine McKinney, Manager, Inside Sales Department

Supporting services

Leverage the full scope of Janek’s solutions to drive immediate and long-term results. Contact us to learn more about these services.


Let us adapt this program for your team’s specific needs, industry, vocabulary, and culture.


Take advantage of our turn-key and hands-on training reinforcement solutions.


Validate training effectiveness in terms of performance improvement, business results,  and ROI.


Use a technology solution to reinforce training in a convenient and fun format.

Selling Virtually

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Selling Virtually™ FAQ

What type of ROI should we expect from Selling Virtually™?

All in all, Janek partners enjoy an industry-leading 650% ROI across our entire portfolio of sales training programs based on training delivered in 2020. Selling Virtually is aimed at those sales professionals who need to improve their digital and remote selling experiences. Whether you’re hosting virtual events, running virtual sales meetings, or simply engaging with potential buyers, Selling Virtually will help you succeed in today’s remote selling environment.

What does “research based” mean in the context of Selling Virtually™? How often is it modernized?

All of Janek’s sales training programs are refreshed regularly based on quality market research and field-proven methodologies. Selling Virtually was revisited most recently in 2020 and 2021 when the use of virtual tools and remote selling rose to the forefront of modern sales training practices.

What are the key metrics for success that Janek’s Selling Virtually™ will help improve upon?

Janek’s Virtual Selling program helps sales professionals and sales leaders increase the volume of virtual meetings, build trust and rapport with prospects, and communicate more effectively during the virtual sales process. By following the virtual best practices that Janek imparts during the Selling Virtually program, your sales team will perform better in today’s virtual world.

Tell me more about the Selling Virtually Readiness Diagnostic. What does that mean?

The Selling Virtually Readiness Diagnostic is a framework of virtual selling best practices that gauges your ability to sell virtually. We will also provide your team with the tools they need to self-assess their remote selling capabilities and identify areas for improvement. At Janek, we have built a consistent set of virtual selling best practices that are proven to build trust and increase your virtual presence.