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TOPS® Reinforcement & Coaching

Learn how to maximize performance with field-proven reinforcement and coaching tools

Rethink how you reinforce and coach sales training with TOPS

The modern salesforce has different requirements for reinforcement and coaching of sales training. To ensure permanent behavioral and cultural change, your team needs TOPS Reinforcement and Coaching.

TOPS Reinforcement and Coaching is a system and toolkit that teaches your sales management team how to make new learning stick through a comprehensive approach.

Key benefits of TOPS Reinforcement & Coaching

After completing this program, your sales management team will be able to:

  • Seamlessly implement reinforcement and coaching practices within your organization, using the TOPS approach
  • Have available easy-to-use and flexible tools designed to ensure sustainability of learners’ new sales skills and best practices
  • Choose from a variety of tools that promote leadership involvement, manager and peer coaching and reflective activities that allow for team members’ self-learning
  • Put into action a strategic approach to help ensure ongoing team member engagement, behavioral change, and increased sales success.
  • Help ensure higher ROI on training by tying formal classroom learning to informal learning opportunities happening on the job

Program Objectives of TOPS Reinforcement & Coaching

Program objectives include:

  • Examine and discuss the TOPS framework and supporting toolkits
  • Create a strategic plan for using the TOPS approach within the workplace
  • Select and utilize the necessary tools to reinforce and coach team member performance using a four-tiered approach:
    1. Team Meetings: Guides, worksheets, and tools to effectively run team meetings where the leader reinforces sales skills and encourages group learning and sharing best practices
    2. One-on-One Sessions: Guides, worksheets, and tools allowing leaders to coach sales professionals in a one-on-one environment
    3. Peer Refreshers: Worksheets, recommendations, and logs that encourage team members to support each other, share ideas, and challenge each other to higher performance
    4. Self-Study Activities: Worksheets, recommendations, and logs that provide an individualized plan for each sales professional to strengthen their sales skills

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