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Sales Consulting For a Competitive Edge

Janek sales consultants provide guidance for every facet of your sales organization to drive better sales results.

Sales Consulting

Sales consulting delivers long-term success.

Sales is complicated, with many moving parts and factors to consider. Janek sales consultants help you zero in on what needs addressing and how to fix it, so your team can perform at their peak level.

Our consulting programs will thoroughly assess your sales strategy, process and people within your sales organization, and make the recommendations to solve identified issues. If you know the specific problem area, but not how to fix it, our consultants can help you with that, too.

What sales consulting clients are saying

Jake Davis of Mavidea

The work that Janek did really helped clarify everything for us. It helped clarify the steps necessary to close the sale, it helped clarify what the buyers were expecting along the way, and I think this really led to confidence from our sales team. Knowing what to expect when, and knowing the process to get to a sale, really helped them gain confidence and feel much better about the likelihood of closing sales, about the repeatability of closing sales, and about our approach to the marketplace in general.

Jake Davis
COO, Mavidea

Janek Sales Consulting Options

Our sales consulting offerings fall under two broad categories:

Sales Strategy Consulting

Your organization’s sales strategy involves numerous factors in your sales environment – such as value proposition, target markets and customers, your offerings, sales channels, and other elements. Our sales strategy consulting helps you improve sales performance by clarifying your sales strategy and aligning it with your business objectives and resources.

Our areas of emphasis include:

  • Sales strategy alignment
  • Value proposition
  • Pursuit and contact strategies
  • Territory strategies
  • Plan development
  • Change management

Sales Process Consulting

A workable sales strategy needs a clearly defined sales process that aligns with your strategy, strengths, and value proposition. We can help you design a formal sales process from scratch or simply fine-tune your existing sales process.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Client relationship model development
  • Sales process analysis and enhancement
  • Coaching practice development
  • Account planning processes
  • KPI establishment
  • Sales compensation modeling.

Sales Consulting FAQ

What does a sales consulting engagement with Janek consist of?

Our sales consulting philosophy is to provide tangible, actionable recommendations that drive positive sales results. With every sales consulting engagement, there are mission-critical areas we seek to explore, to assess, and to benchmark against world-class sales organizations. This process helps us zero in on changes that need to be implemented so that sales performance can be maximized going forward.

Do your sales consultants have the business acumen and experience to help us in our particular industry?

Yes! Janek Sr. Sales Strategists possess a strong background in sales performance with years of experience in consulting and upper-level management leadership positions. Our existing team of Senior Sales Strategists have vast experience in more than a dozen major industries.

Should Janek’s sales consulting services precede a sales training investment?

Janek offers both consulting and sales training services. Depending on your unique circumstances, we may recommend pairing Sales Consulting with one of our sales training programs to maximize the impact, but sales consulting can also be purchased as a standalone program, before or after a sales training program delivery.