Sales Consulting For a Competitive Edge

Janek sales consultants provide guidance for every facet of your sales organization to drive better sales results.

Sales Consulting

A blueprint for long-term success.

Sales is complex, with many moving parts and factors to consider. Janek has the experience, resources, and tools in place to help make strategic decisions that will lead to significant sales and business improvements.

Through our proprietary Sales Performance Blueprint model and quantitative assessment process, we’re uniquely positioned to help transform your sales organization for the better.

Janek’s Sales Performance Blueprint

We help transform your sales organization through the six main pillars and its sub-disciplines that are integral to sales performance:
Sales Process
  • Lead Generation & Business Development
  • Opportunity Management
  • Account Management
Talent & MOtivation
  • Selection
  • Compensation
  • Talent Audit
Sales Performance & Development
  • KPIs & Success Metric
  • Training
  • Coaching Practice
Customer Attributes
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Personas
  • Value Proposition
Tech Enablement
  • CRM & Data Management
  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Content Management
Strategy & go to market
  • Strategy & Sales Channels
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Sales & Service Roles
Strategy & Go To Market

Strategy & Sales Channels

Your sales strategy is instrumental in how you deliver value. We can help you define your sales strategy and how to establish a connection between your products & services with your customers.

Customer Segmentation

Not all buyers are alike, and it’s important to identify and fully comprehend your buyer demographic. We provide clarity by establishing and updating buyer profiles and target segmentation.

Sales & Service Roles

Delivering a frictionless customer experience takes a mix of human and digital interactions. We define the appropriate sales and service roles to facilitate this with thoughtfulness, discipline, and value creation in mind.

Tech Enablement

CRM & Data Management

Data management and CRMs are highly complex and customizable to drive customer intelligence. Our certified CRM and data management experts can evaluate, streamline, and optimize your data management strategy.

Customer Engagement Tools

Never before has it been more important to leverage sales automation and do more with less. We can help make targeted recommendations on lead scoring models, messaging cadences, proposal automation, and much more.

Content Management

Content and sales collateral can be an important differentiator when you want to position yourself as a thought leader in your space. A repository of customer-facing content and collateral can aid your team in having access to the right material when it matters. Our experts can lead you how to create and optimize your content repository.

Customer Attributes

Customer Journey

With rising buyer expectations and global competition, it’s more important than ever for sales professionals to consider the customer experience and decision-making process as part of the sale. We provide the expertise and knowledge to design and optimize your buyers’ customer journey map.

Customer Personas

Creating complex buyer personas are an essential component to selling in today’s marketplace. Sellers are often confronted with selling to multiple decision makers and influencers, who have varying degrees of priorities. We can help you identify, analyze, and establish customer personas that will lead to deeper and more effective interactions.

Value Proposition

An effective value proposition enables your sellers to articulate why your clients should do business with you. We can help draft, analyze, and implement a value proposition for your team.

Sales Process

Lead Generation & Business Development

Effective inbound and outbound lead generation efforts are paramount to the health of a sales organization. Our consultants provide the necessary guidance to help evaluate and implement an optimized lead generation process.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity management is the process of managing and organizing potential sales. We provide the guidance to set up and maintain well-functioning opportunity management processes that lead to more accurate forecasting models and an easy prioritization matrix for sales managers.

Account Management

Selling to existing clients is an often untapped opportunity to improve the bottom line. Janek sales consultants can help develop a repeatable process proven to grow accounts.

Talent & Motivation


From business development reps to your Chief Sales Officer, the sales talent that represents your organization is a critical component of your success. Let us help you in your talent selection process through assessments and competencies that will put the right candidates in the right positions.


Sales compensation, commissions, bonuses, and incentives drives sales rep behavior and motivation. We can evaluate, assist, recommend, and help implement a sales compensation plan that aligns with your policies, objectives, and goals.

Talent Audit

Every business has attrition and opportunity. Creating career paths for employees allows the business to determine how it can achieve short- and long-term goals with the current talent at the coming, and areas for addition.

Sales Performance & Development

KPIs & Success Metrics

Critical decisions shouldn’t be based on hunches and guesses. Leading and lagging indicators need to be tracked, measured, and analyzed in order to make informed decisions. Let our Sales Performance Consultants make sense which KPI & Success Metrics matter most.


Sales is evolving and, as a result, training and skill enhancement are crucial components to engaged sales professionals and well-managed teams. We are a leading provider of award-winning and research-based sales training and training reinforcement services and can consult you on your internal and external training needs.

Coaching Practice

Sales coaching can dramatically improve sales performance and may be the single-most important sales development option for your team. We can provide you with the roadmap to create a dynamic, collaborative coaching environment where your sellers feel valued and supported.

What sales consulting clients are saying

Jake Davis of Mavidea

The work that Janek did really helped clarify everything for us. It helped clarify the steps necessary to close the sale, it helped clarify what the buyers were expecting along the way, and I think this really led to confidence from our sales team. Knowing what to expect when, and knowing the process to get to a sale, really helped them gain confidence and feel much better about the likelihood of closing sales, about the repeatability of closing sales, and about our approach to the marketplace in general.

Jake Davis
COO, Mavidea

Sales Consulting FAQ

What does a sales consulting engagement with Janek consist of?

Our sales consulting philosophy is to provide tangible, actionable recommendations that drive positive sales results. With every sales consulting engagement, there are mission-critical areas we seek to explore, to assess, and to benchmark against world-class sales organizations. This process helps us zero in on changes that need to be implemented so that sales performance can be maximized going forward.

Do your sales consultants have the business acumen and experience to help us in our particular industry?

Yes! Janek Sr. Sales Strategists possess a strong background in sales performance with years of experience in consulting and upper-level management leadership positions. Our existing team of Senior Sales Strategists have vast experience in more than a dozen major industries.

Should Janek’s sales consulting services precede a sales training investment?

Janek offers both consulting and sales training services. Depending on your unique circumstances, we may recommend pairing Sales Consulting with one of our sales training programs to maximize the impact, but sales consulting can also be purchased as a standalone program, before or after a sales training program delivery.