Banking & Financial Services Sales Training

Sales Performance Solutions for the Banking & Financial Services Industries

Selling in the banking or financial services industry, you’re faced with considerable challenges. Your workforce at all levels – from frontline tellers to branch managers and your financial advisors/brokers – needs to be immersed in a customer-focused sales culture that prioritizes becoming a Trusted Advisor. Cross-selling and upselling are necessary skills to acquire, along with ability to gain referrals and develop existing relationships.

It all adds up to winning more business in today’s marketplace while meeting the demands and needs of today’s modern clients.

At Janek, we understand the industry-specific difficulties and obstacles faced by banking and financial services clients and can tailor a solution to enable addressing those issues.


We specialize in improving sales performance through a number of services including:

Sales Training

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Sales Coaching

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Sales Consulting

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Talent Management

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TIAA Case Study

Case Study: Banking & Financial Services

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