Sales training is in our DNA.

Janek’s award-winning sales training programs deliver lasting behavioral change to improve sales performance long-term.

Sales Training

Rethink how
you sell.

Your team needs a new set of skills to engage today’s demanding buyers. Upskill your sales professionals and managers while establishing a consistent sales methodology across your organization with Janek.

The Janek sales training approach is designed to shift thinking from what you’re selling to how you’re selling it, giving you the tools to respond to the needs of modern buyers. Janek sales training is:


Our entire library of sales training programs is based on the latest available research. We continually optimize our curricula based on real results from the field.


We can adapt our programs to meet your unique needs, matching your industry, culture, and language. Your training is relevant, not cookie-cutter.

Followed Through

Our training is designed to last. We provide technology, management tools, and coaching to ensure your new skills and behavioral changes last well into the future.

What success with Janek looks like

*Janek 2022 Average Sales Training Client Results. Result May Vary.

889 %
1.21 months
9.74 %
97.42 %

Training Programs for Sales Professionals & Sales Leaders

Sales Team Development
Core Skills
Critical Selling® Skills
Gold 2020
Stevie Winner

Our flagship sales training program provides top-performing skills and best practices to master each stage of the sales process.

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Critical TeleSelling® Skills

An inside sales methodology specifically designed to equip sales professionals on how to effectively engage with customers over the phone, build trust, and close confidently.

Learn More
Critical Prospecting™ Skills

A workshop designed to enable sales professionals with the prospecting and business development skills to build strong pipelines with qualified prospects.

Learn More
Critical Service & Sales™ Skills
Silver 2021
Brandon Hall

A training program designed to equip service, sales, and retail staff to deliver better customer service experiences and identify hidden sales opportunities.

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Winning at Trade Shows™

A workshop developed for sellers to have more meaningful event and trade show interactions, from the planning stage to post-show activities.

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Advanced Skills
Critical Account Planning™

A sales training program that equips account executives with the skills, processes, and tools to grow relationships with existing accounts and plan for strategic opportunities.

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Critical Negotiation™ Skills
Gold 2022
Stevie Winner

A research-based training program to provide sales professionals with the skills, tools, and best practices to handle complex and difficult negotiations.

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Selling Virtually™
Bronze 2021
Stevie Winner

Selling Virtually empowers sales professionals to effectively engage with prospects and clients in the new remote selling ecosystem and improve productivity and revenue.

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Selling to the C-Suite™

Selling to the C-Suite equips sales professionals with the unique skills and processes required to gain access and have better dialogues with executives.

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Strategic Storytelling™ Skills

Leverage stories in sales conversations to better position your solutions and drive momentum towards favorable outcomes.

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Sales Management Development
Management Skills
Critical Sales Coaching™ Skills
Gold 2023
Stevie Winner

A coaching methodology to empower sales managers to coach, manage, and lead more effectively and drive their teams toward favorable results.

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TOPS® Reinforcement & Coaching

A proven playbook and toolkit for sales managers to sustain and reinforce our selling skill methodologies through a sustainable reinforcement and coaching plan.

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Questions about our sales training programs? Let us tailor a training solution that matches your needs.

Sales Training Delivery Options

Our award-winning training programs can be delivered in a variety of ways:

Onsite Instructor-Led Training

This classroom delivery option allows for a comprehensive learning environment equipped with role plays, case studies, group discussions, and other interactive activities enabling participants to easily transfer new skills from the classroom to the real world. Learn more.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Different from typical, self-paced e-learning environments, our online option is delivered by a live Janek facilitator, enabling participants to experience the same level of interaction they would in a physical classroom, utilizing technology. Learn more.

On-Demand, Blended Learning

This delivery methods combines the ease of e-learning modules with traditional face-to-face teaching and allows participants to learn at their own pace while providing the benefits of group interaction and individual instruction. Learn more.


Our Train-the-Trainer option will certify your internal training staff on the skills, processes, support tools, and methods necessary for the highest quality ongoing, internal delivery. Learn more.

ATLAS: Our end-to-end sales training approach

Sales Training FAQ

What type of ROI should we expect from the sales training?

Our sales training program is a systematic approach that boosts the sales performance of your team. Janek’s end-to-end training solution resulted in an industry-leading average ROI of 962% in 2021.

Our sales training program is research-based, what does that mean and how often is it modernized?

Effective sales training is the result of data-backed & proven strategies combined with cutting-edge research on proper sales process and sales strategy. Janek’s ATLAS methodology imparts learnable lessons at every part of the sales training implementation process and our programs are reflective of today’s modern sales environment.

What does a typical sales training rollout involve?

Our process starts with gaining a thorough understanding of the current state of your sales organization. From there, we develop a practical approach to implement training which includes consultative selling activities that take place before, during and after training ensuring maximum return on your sales enablement investment.

Can we certify an internal trainer?

Yes. Our Train-the-Trainer option will work with your internal sales trainers to give them the skills, methods, and tools they need to improve your organization’s selling skills. Certified internal trainers combine ongoing training capabilities with a deep understanding of your team.

What is the experience of the Trainer that will deliver the sales training?

Janek offers a deep bench of highly-skilled sales trainers with experience across numerous verticals. Janek sales trainers have an average of 16 years experience as a sales professional or sales leader, ensuring they have the real-world selling background needed to drive sales success with your team.

Would managers and leadership need to participate in the training?

Ideally, yes. Whether you are a new salesperson, a veteran seller, or a sales manager, Janek’s end-to-end approach supports all levels of the sales organization. Leaders attending ensures they are equipped to coach selling skills and confirms the training’s importance to the organization.

Do employees outside of the sales department benefit from this training?

Yes. Presentation skills, questioning capabilities, and active listening are just some of the invaluable skills Janek training builds and that exist outside of your immediate sales organization. While Janek’s sales training solutions are aimed at giving your team and sales leadership the sales tools they need to succeed, effective selling skills can be a universal benefit across your organization.