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Sales Coaching That Drives Results

Janek coaches provide guidance at every level of your organization to drive better sales results.

Sales Coaching

Sales coaching delivers long-term success.

No one ever became a champion without a great coach. Janek sales coaches provide personalized guidance to take your team’s performance to the next level.

Our coaching programs can be delivered alongside Janek sales training engagements or as a standalone service. Either way, Janek coaches provide real-world, real-time guidance to make an immediate impact and support long-term results.

What sales coaching clients are saying

We’ve gotten great, favorable results from both the trainers as well as the Janek coaching system that we were using. The coaching that Janek has delivered absolutely resonated with my team because it wasn’t overly prescriptive. My expectations of working with Janek have been exceeded.

Bret Nelson
Senior Director of Sales Strategy and Operations, IHS Markit

Janek sales coaching options

Sales Rep and Deal Coaching

Janek sales coaches will work closely with your sales reps on a one-by-one basis or as a group. This may include coaching on current deals and presentations, analysis of live sales interactions, “secret shopper” activities, and more to pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

Sales Management Coaching

Janek sales coaches will work with the sales management level of your organization to develop and implement a “culture of coaching” so they can go on to coach their own teams to high sales performance.

Executive Coaching

Designed for key executives, this coaching will help your company take sales performance to the next level. Engage in deeper conversations about sales vision and strategy with an expert in optimal sales practices and receive guidance that will deliver lasting sales results.

Sales Coaching FAQ

What is the difference between Sales Coaching and our Critical Sales Coaching™ Skills training program?

Sales Coaching consists of Janek experts providing effective sales coaching directly to your team. This can take the form of a coaching session where your Janek trainer evaluates sales performance and identifies opportunities for improvement. Beyond the sales team, Sales Coaching involves your Janek trainer speaking to both sales management and executives to drive better results. Sales coaching is also often applied as a sustainment and reinforcement solution, following sales training. Our Critical Sales Coaching Skills training program provides your sales leaders the keys to the coaching process and allows them to craft unique coaching plans for every individual sales rep.

Who will benefit from Sales Coaching?

Sales Coaching is designed to help coach your sales reps to improve their selling skills and deal outcomes. Sales coaching will also benefit sales managers, leaders and executives looking to increase overall team performance.

What are the business benefits from Sales Coaching?

Janek’s holistic coaching model provides customized recommendations and action plans to everyone involved in the sales process, whether they are an individual sales rep, sales manager or sales leader. Sales Coaching operates at the tactical sales level, the management level, and also the executive level to impart a culture of sales excellence.

How is the Sales Coaching delivered?

Sales Coaching can be delivered either in-person or online. Please contact Janek to learn more about our coaching delivery methods.

How is Sales Coaching purchased? Is there a minimum number of hours I need to commit to?

Every Sales Coaching plan is personalized to your exact business needs. Janek customizes each coaching plan based on a thorough analysis of your sales performance and sales activity. Please contact Janek for more information on hourly commitments and purchasing methods.

Is Sales Coaching for a single person or can it be delivered to a group of people?

Sales Coaching is designed to coach either individual sales reps or entire groups of people. For individual coaching, we work one-on-one with your sales representatives to discover opportunities for improvement. Janek’s Sales Coaching can be delivered alongside other Janek training programs or by itself.