Virtual Instructor-Led Sales Training

A high-Impact, virtual sales training solution delivered by best-in-class facilitators.

Virtual Instructor-Led Sales Training

Key Features of Virtual, Instructor-Led Sales Training:

  • Access a live classroom environment that enables the facilitator and participants to communicate, providing instant feedback through real-time discussions
  • Immediate real-world application opportunities, coached and debriefed by a live facilitator, to enhance knowledge retention in between training sessions.
  • Activities tailored for adult learning, such as breakout sessions, role-playing, whiteboarding, interactive polling and quizzes, charts, screen-sharing, and more.
  • Content and activities strategically built and tested to enhance the delivery off highly-interactive workshops in a digital environment
  • Lightweight and easy to use online interface combined with hardcopy and digital workbooks, job aides, and detailed reference guides

Benefits of Virtual, Instructor-Led Sales Training:

  • Freedom to train virtually from any location; ideal for dispersed sales teams.
  • Highly interactive and engaging training with real-world case practice, role-play, discussions and other classroom-like activities,
  • Eliminate off-site expenditures such as travel, equipment or booking fees and planning needs.
  • Adaptive microlearning, an optional delivery of shorter, spaced-out sessions over longer periods of time.
  • Same award-winning solutions; highly relevant and tailored training programs you can expect with our In-Person, Instructor-Led Training.

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Virtual Instructor Led Sales Training

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