Critical Prospecting Skills

Learn the strategies, processes, and skills needed to engage the modern buyer and build a better pipeline.

Rethink how you prospect with Critical Prospecting Skills.

Today’s marketplace requires smarter, more efficient targeted prospecting and qualifying that fills the pipeline with quality prospects. To reach modern customers, your team needs Critical Prospecting Skills.

Critical Prospecting Skills is a proven prospecting methodology that teaches sales professionals to consistently reach, qualify, and interact with viable prospects in order to keep the pipeline well-stocked and achieve your sales goals.

Key benefits of Critical Prospecting Skills

After completing this program, your sales team will be able to:

  • Achieve sustainable prospecting success by using a proven prospecting approach
  • Increase prospecting effectiveness by pursing high-value prospects and keeping the sales pipeline full
  • Gain access to more prospects by using skills and best practices to identify prospecting sources and gain referrals
  • Increase interest by delivering compelling value messages that resonate with prospects
  • Expertly secure and execute successful first meetings with prospects to gain interest and move the opportunity forward
  • Maximize prospecting effectiveness through personal branding, networking, and managing online presence

Program Objectives of Critical Prospecting Skills

Program objectives include:

  • Identify common prospect sources and determine the characteristics of a high-value prospect
  • Prioritize prospecting efforts through gaining critical prospect data
  • Create concise value messaging to pique prospect interest
  • Develop effective qualifying questions to identify high-quality opportunities
  • Effectively make contact with prospects by delivering an effective communication framework
  • Create a strong personal brand that helps ensure a sustainable positive image
  • Recognize in-person and online networking opportunities to increase prospecting efforts

Janek’s training implementation approach

Our training implementation is guided by a proven world-class approach.


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Many companies out there just pull a training off the shelf that may not relate directly to their company. But in working with Janek Performance Group, they provided us with the customization, and the follow-through made a huge difference within our organization.

Lisa Pearne, VP of Sales
California Casualty

Janek’s sales training scored very, very high while internal surveys and business results have shown that Janek’s training is successfully being adapted by our salesforce.

Donnie Purto, Sr. Director of Sales Training

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